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P. Douglas Small, Prayer Coordinator for Church of God, has developed extensive resources on prayer. These include books on establishing a personal prayer life and a congregational prayer ministry. Examples include:

Prayer – The Heart of It All
Discusses prayer fundamentals; the four critical elements: at-home daily prayer, the church at prayer, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism; and how to apply each of these to create a great awakening in yourself, your church, your sphere of influence and the world.

The Prayer Closet – Creating a Personal prayer Room
What we seek is more than a place, more than mere words or even a disciplined, noble routine. It is more than the fact that we pray daily or the function of prayer and its benefits – it is relationship that, to be transforming, has be centered in the heart. Prayer is not something we do, it is someone we are with. And that needs a place!

The Praying Church Made Simple
Establishes a clear beginning point for revitalizing the congregational prayer effort. Sets forth a simple approach to prayer mobilization for the smaller congregation. Offers a simple 1-2-3 step process, rich with support and learning materials, designed to aid a small congregation in a quick, but studied, launch of their prayer effort. More than a book, this is a leader’s guide for a multi-year process to create a culture of prayer in a congregation. Includes a Resource Disc with: Companion Book, Perspectives; Rating Sheets; Videos; and PowerPoint File.

Transforming You Church into a House of Prayer – Revised Edition
A new reformation is taking place around the world. The church is being called by the Holy Spirit to prayer! It was the desire of Jesus that the Temple be a house of prayer for the nations. Discover seven things that must change if the church is going to embrace a new reformation.

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