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Important Date: Prayer at the General Assembly

PictureCircle1 Join in prayer with others from across the country and the world in the General Assembly Prayer Room.

  • Prayer Room will be open 7am-9pm, Tuesday-Friday – Various prayer activities.
  • Morning Glory. Prayer Time, 7am-8am, Tuesday-Friday with special international Church leaders. Dr. Mark Williams will kickoff the initiative on Tuesday.
  • Manna. Fasting and Praying, Noon and 5pm Tuesday-Thursday with International Missionaries and State Administrative Bishops.
  • Watchmen. Sign-up for a 3-hour shift, become a part of the Watch throughout the day – Watching the World in prayer.
  • Serve at Prayer Stations in the convention center.


Bring your prayer group to pray for a day at the General Assembly.

  • Pray for the nations. (Video directed prayer, a tour of the world daily.)
  • Pray for prayer needs that stream into the prayer room.
  • Pray for social/culture needs (banner praying).
  • Pray for unreached people groups.
  • Small group praying.
  • Virtual prayer walk.
  • Prayer through the Tabernacle.
  • Pray for a global spiritual awakening.
  • Pray with and for Church of God missionaries.


truckexterior2Pray with a missional focus with The People of the Cross Traveling Exhibit.

Bringing awareness to the persecuted Christians worldwide, “The People Of The Cross” is a walk though exhibit that highlights the history of Christian Martyrs, starting from the first biblical martyr, Stephen, to the current day Christian Holocaust martyrs. This free of charge exhibit is an eye-opener for all who walk through it. Presented by Crossroad Outreach Ministries and Church of God Prayer Ministries.

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Promote prayer at the General Assembly with these graphics and downloads:

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