1.5 million individual prayer partners

250,000 participants from six regions of the world

5,000 Local Churches

Congregations commit to becoming #wepraycog churches

(Global Prayer)
40 weeks of preparation

The designated period of prayer focus from October 2019 through the International General Assembly on July 21-24, 2020

40 days of consecration
(Fasting and Prayer)

A daily Facebook Live prayer gathering from the International Offices between Easter and Pentecost Sunday
A time of intense prayer focus during the International General Assembly

40 hours of dedication

Join the movement

Prayer Resources

P. Douglas Small, Prayer Coordinator for Church of God, has developed extensive resources on prayer. These include books on establishing a personal prayer life and a congregational prayer ministry. Examples include:

Prayer – The Heart of It All
Discusses prayer fundamentals; the four critical elements: at-home daily prayer, the church at prayer, intercessory prayer and prayer evangelism; and how to apply each of these to create a great awakening in yourself, your church, your sphere of influence and the world.

The Prayer Closet – Creating a Personal prayer Room
What we seek is more than a place, more than mere words or even a disciplined, noble routine. It is more than the fact that we pray daily or the function of prayer and its benefits – it is relationship that, to be transforming, has be centered in the heart. Prayer is not something we do, it is someone we are with. And that needs a place!

The Praying Church Made Simple
Establishes a clear beginning point for revitalizing the congregational prayer effort. Sets forth a simple approach to prayer mobilization for the smaller congregation. Offers a simple 1-2-3 step process, rich with support and learning materials, designed to aid a small congregation in a quick, but studied, launch of their prayer effort. More than a book, this is a leader’s guide for a multi-year process to create a culture of prayer in a congregation. Includes a Resource Disc with: Companion Book, Perspectives; Rating Sheets; Videos; and PowerPoint File.

Transforming You Church into a House of Prayer – Revised Edition
A new reformation is taking place around the world. The church is being called by the Holy Spirit to prayer! It was the desire of Jesus that the Temple be a house of prayer for the nations. Discover seven things that must change if the church is going to embrace a new reformation.

Find these resources and more including study guides, resource kits and more at alivepublications.org>

FINISH Commitment

General Overseer of the Church of God, Tim Hill has set forth his vision for the FINISH Commitment, a “Global Church Focus on the Great Commission.” Prayer Ministries has adopted these commitments and goals based on the ‘I’ in FINISH which stands for INTERCEDE, making prayer and worship the highest privilege and greatest responsibility of every believer.

“Whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Matthew 21:22 KJV).

We are committed to:

  • Commit globally to 6,000,000 hours of prayer annually for the FINISH Commitment.
  • Recruit globally 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional FINISH Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each local church, state, region, and area of the world.

Join these prayer connection calls (Call-in number: 712-770-5505; Access Code: 466086):

  • Saturday Night Fire Call – Each Saturday – 9:00 PM EST
  • Pray for Unreached Peoples – First Wednesday of each month – 12:30 PM EST

As part of the plan to fulfill the goals, the Prayer Ministries Office charges each church to pray 5 minutes once a month for a Global Harvest.

Use the HEARTS Prayer:

H – Hearts

  • Pray for receptive and repentant Hearts (see Luke 8:5-15).
  • God to touch the heart!


  • Pray for spiritual Eyes and Ears to be opened to the truth of Christ (see Matt. 13:15; 2 Cor. 4:3-4)
  • God to cause them to see and hear!


  • Pray for them to become Aware of God, of their need for him, of their sin.
  • Pray that they will acknowledge their need for Christ as Savior and Lord (see John 16:8).


  • Pray for grace to repent – to cry out to God.
  • For their redemption, the claim on their lives by the blood and death of the lamb to be realized.
  • For them to be released from sin’s power, from its grip, and freed to follow Christ. (see 2 Cor. 10:3-4; 2 Tim. 2:25-26)


  • Pray for a Transformed life (see Rom. 12:1-2).
    Pray that they would be teachable.


  • Pray for God to Save, Sanctify and Send them into His harvest field (see Matt 9:35-38).

2018 Bulletin Inserts

Below are resources for your use including a bulletin insert and powerpoint.
There are resources for 37 months.

PDFs Powerpoints
2018 PDF Issue 01
2018 PDF Issue 02
2018 PDF Issue 03
2018 PDF Issue 04
2018 PDF Issue 05
2018 PDF Issue 06
2018 PDF Issue 07
2018 PDF Issue 08
2018 PDF Issue 09
2018 PDF Issue 10
2018 PDF Issue 11
2018 PDF Issue 12
2018 PDF Issue 13
2018 PDF Issue 14
2018 PDF Issue 15
2018 PDF Issue 16
2018 PDF Issue 17
2018 PDF Issue 18
2018 PDF Issue 19
2018 PDF Issue 20
PDF Issue 21
PDF Issue 22
PDF Issue 23
PDF Issue 24
PDF Issue 25
PDF Issue 26
PDF Issue 27
PDF Issue 28
PDF Issue 29
PDF Issue 30
PDF Issue 31
PDF Issue 32
PDF Issue 33
PDF Issue 34
PDF Issue 35
PDF Issue 36
PDF Issue 37
2018 PPTX 01
2018 PPTX 02
2018 PPTX 03
2018 PPTX 04
2018 PPTX 06
2018 PPTX 07
2018 PPTX 08
2018 PPTX 09
2018 PPTX 10
2018 PPTX 11
2018 PPTX 12
2018 PPTX 14
2018 PPTX 15
2018 PPTX 16
2018 PPTX 17
2018 PPTX 18
2018 PPTX 19
2018 PPTX 20
2018 PPTX 21
2018 PPTX 22
2018 PPTX 23
2018 PPTX 24
2018 PPTX 25
2018 PPTX 26
2018 PPTX 27
2018 PPTX 28
2018 PPTX 29
2018 PPTX 30
2018 PPTX 31
2018 PPTX 32
2018 PPTX 33
2018 PPTX 34 
2018 PPTX 35
2018 PPTX 36
2018 PPTX 37


The Praying Church Movement

Join a Prayer Community!

Motivate and mobilize your congregation toward deeper levels of prayer.

THE MOVEMENT: A network of local prayer leaders who are on a journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do.

THE PURPOSE: To encourage, challenge, inspire, and resource believers as they seek to motivate and mobilize their church toward deeper levels of prayer.

THE MISSION: To connect prayer leaders with something bigger than themselves, such as,  national initiatives, Prayer Trainers Program, Prayerborne – Intercessor’s Alliance.


A video was produced to promote this initiative at state/regional minister’s meetings:

Saturday Night Fire

Every Saturday Night at 9PM EST

Call in number: 712-770-5505

Access Code: 466086

General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill is committed to prayer as a pillar of the Church of God denomination. As part of the FINISH challenge the Church of God declares to:

  • Commit to 6 million hours of prayer for the FINISH Commitment globally.
  • Recruit 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer globally 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional Finish Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each state/region/ area of the world.
  • Focus each local church as a relevant prayer force.
  • Establish prayer centers in each state/region/area of the world.

The Church of God Prayer Ministries Office will provide resources and avenues to fulfill these goals. One of which is the Saturday Night Fire Call. This weekly prayer call began two years ago after the 21 Day Virtual Prayer Meeting where hundreds connected nightly for the virtual prayer call. Saturday Night Fire focuses on prayer for the Great Awakening including unreached peoples, missionaries, church planters, cities, nations and more.

Listen to recordings of past calls>

Promote Saturday Night Fire:

Share with your church. Email your local pastors. Post to your social media.

Download this flyer>

Download this bulletin insert>

Use these downloadable images:






Seven Markers of a Praying Church

  1. Led by a praying pastor, aided by a prayer leadership team, we commit to bring prayer to the heart of all we do! “Without Christ, we can do nothing!” Without prayer, we fail to invite Him into the process. Therefore, our resources – spiritual and material – our plans and programs, we will bathe in prayer.
  2. We will encourage at-home, daily, to-be-like-Jesus praying. We will reestablish our personal and family altars. We will embrace the discipline of daily times with God, with one another as couples, and as families until daily prayer is a delight, and we take joy in spending private time with God. We will champion the idea of personal prayer rooms/closets.
  3. We will call our congregation to regular prayer, with the goal of establishing a regular weekly prayer meeting for the entire church. We will make the prayer meeting as important as Sunday morning singing and preaching. We will emphasize special days of prayer laced prayer into the fabric of the Sunday worship service. We want a pervasive movement of prayer, not merely prayer activities. Eventually, we will offer numerous ways to connect in prayer – prayer groups, prayer chains, embedded intercessors for various ministries and more.
  4. We will honor those who carry a special calling to pray – intercessors. We will identify intercessors, encourage them, train them, team them, deploy them and debrief them. But we will not confine the intercessory ministry to this team; rather, we will see them as models for prayer, as those with white-hot hearts whom God has called to be at the hidden forefront of spiritual beachheads we are called to claim. We want a spirit of intercession to grip our entire church, a spirit of prayer – and particularly, prayer for others, selfless prayer, prayer for the lost, prayer for the nations, prayer for spiritual awakening!
  5. We will engage in prayer evangelism, turning prayer outward onto the neighborhood, the city, state and nation, and we will adopt a mission field for prayer, one near and one far. We will pray for the harvest. We will seek to identify the people for whom God has made us most responsible, and we will begin the process of evangelism in prayer, look for ways to care, and steward the opportunities to share the gospel. We will employ the strategy of the ‘three Greats’ – we will pray, care and look for opportunities to share the good news.
  6. We will offer regular training in the area of prayer – for our people, leaders, intercessors, prayer evangelism, our youth and children, our families.
  7. We will work toward the creation of a prayer room or center, a physical space dedicated to prayer at our church, and we will encourage the use of such a space by members and prayer groups. We will provide resources for prayer that run through all our departments, until we have a praying church and not merely a prayer ministry.

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