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Saturday Night Fire


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“Lead from my knees,” is the language Dr. Mark Williams used on the last night of the 21 Day Virtual Prayer meeting in 2015 that registered almost 5,000 connections over the course of the three weeks. Dr. Mark Williams and his wife Sandra Kay led portions of the call on the last night. Peggy Scarborough, who serves as the Prayer Coordinator for South Carolina and conducts similar calls for various prayer efforts, noted that the response was beyond anything comparable. Hundreds connected nightly.

Doug Small, Denominational Prayer Coordinator, noted that the effort would have been impossible without the assistance of Administrative Bishops who came on the call nightly with prayer teams from their state. “One of the things that I heard from folks is that they were moved by hearing these leaders pray.” One man commented, “I have heard my Bishop preach, and listened to him lead a business session, but when I heard him pray for revival, for souls – that moved me!” Indeed, reports abound that something happens when we hear one another pray.

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