New Location Office for Prayer Ministries


Church of God Prayer Ministries will hold an open house on Tuesday, September 5. The ministry serves the church around the world by training and mobilizing prayer, by the production of resources and recently, by the certification of trainers who are empowered to present Schools of Prayer and district level training, not only in the Church of God, but across denominational lines.

Recently, Dr. Ken Bell, Administrative Bishop of Western North Carolina invited Church of God Prayer Ministries to occupy office space that formerly housed the Charlotte Lee University extension. Dr. Bell noted that he hoped for a higher level of partnership with prayer ministries in the state of North Carolina. The new offices provide space for video and audio production, book and study guides, for training and a discipleship process focused on prayer.

Douglas Small, Prayer Coordinator, noted, “We are so blessed with this partnership, this open door and ample office space we have not had previously – we believe it is sign of good things to come.” One of the missions of prayer ministries is the identification of a prayer leader in every nation in which the Church of God operates and a regional prayer trainer-mobilizer for every dozen nations. “I want to get this global training team in the same room,” Small says. “I want them to stand in the middle of Barney Creek and in the rotunda at General Headquarters. I want to load them down with materials and make them the prayer-evangelism trainers of nations.”

Small noted, “The new facility is not about a new office space – it is about mission.”

The Prayer Ministries open house and dedication will take place on Tuesday, September 5, at 6:30 pm. The address is 8600 William Flicklen Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269. RSVP to or call the prayer ministries office – 704-938-9111.