Special Initiatives

General Assembly Prayer Initiative Lunch

You are invited to a luncheon on Tuesday, July 31, 12:00 p.m., at the General Assembly, to discuss a new prayer mobilization initiative.

I have an unrelenting burden to see a global prayer network around the world!

This would entail a designated and empowered Prayer Coordinator/Mobilizer for every nation. It would also entail a regional peer Prayer Trainer/Mobilizer, the first among equals, who would serve other leaders in a cluster of nations. Finally, it would involve a team of global mentors who would encourage the network, train the trainers, travel, as funds and time allowed, to encourage our churches to be ‘houses of prayer for the nations.’

Dr. Hill has expressed a vision for a million intercessors around the world.

Every Great Awakening – all of them, were first revivals of prayer. Passionate prayer. Selfless prayer. Prayer that focused not on the hand of God for provision, but on the face of God, for transformation.

Imagine a global tide of stewarded prayer – prayer every hour of the day, from Church of God people around the world. Prayer that was informed by a clear vision of Unreached Peoples. Prayer that was at its heart worship, but at its edge mission.

Right now, we have identified about 70 nations where we have prayer leaders. The goal, over the next year, would be to identify prayer leaders in 184 nations. Of those, identify key indigenous, prayer trainer-mobilizers and recruit a team that can encourage them, by region and nation, resource and travel to teach and train.

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