Special Initiatives

General Assembly Livestream Interviews

This year, at the Church of God General Assembly, we will livestream interviews from the Prayer Ministries booth in the Exhibit Hall throughout the day, Tuesday-Friday.

Would you be available for an interview at some point during the Assembly? We are looking at a 15-20 minute on-camera exchange. It will be very informal. The focus will be on a prayer-evangelism-mission related topic. It may be a story you bring to the interview. It may be an insight you want to share.

Not only will these moments be livestreamed, but they will also be archived and available later for review. And of course, available for your use.

I want to use the General Assembly as a time to showcase what is happening around the world, and throughout the United States as a result of fervent prayer.

I know your contribution would be meaningful and would add to the prayer effort.

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