Focus Group Outline

Focus Groups

Church of God Prayer Ministries Leadership Gathering

 Focus Group: We will divide into various teams to focus on an aspect of prayer ministry, a concern or issue, a challenge relating to our prayer effort, a topic that needs exploration or a group(s) that need focused prayer attention.

Leadership: The facilitators of the focus groups will be chosen from your responses to this letter. RESPOND IMMEDIATELY, if possible. Delineate your interest, both as a participant and a facilitator. My desire is to see a team of three discussion facilitators for each group. You will not be alone.

Time Frame: I am anticipating that each of the three simultaneous breakout sessions for will last for 90 minutes.

Agenda: You will be asked to do four things in the 90 minutes.

  1. Review the data, the problem, the challenge that you are given. A core of the data will come from my office, at least we will frame the issue for discussion.
  2. Enlarge the data. Some of you will have perspectives not addressed in the core data. You will have your own laptops. I imagine this to be a working group – exploring and researching on the fly. Adding data. Framing the problem and possible solutions.
  3. Address the questions that are provided to you along with the data. In order to do this expeditiously, I could see some larger focus groups dividing into small groups for a more thorough discussion and maximum involvement.
  4. Determine our best response to the issue or concern. Lay out possible options for moving forward. Detail several steps we can take to address the concern, meet the prayer challenge or advance the mission.
  5. I Throughout the meeting, I would expect that you might pause for prayer. That at times, the entire group might go to their knees in prayer.

READI – We want to ‘readi’ ourselves to get serious about the prayer process and drill deeper than ever before!

Experts: Remember, the experts that Jesus chose were ordinary folks like you and me – and they turned the world upside down. Certainly, we can have, with greater unity and collaboration, a great impact on our denomination than ever before.

In some cases, as we plan our ‘focus groups,’ we may choose to reach out to some expert, by Skype or special appearance.

Summation: Each focus group will be asked to give a summary of their findings, probably on Thursday afternoon. And hopefully, a written report or at least a detailed list of possible action-solutions.

TASK TEAMS: The ultimate end of time together might be sub-committees of the Prayer Ministry effort or ‘task teams’ that agree to take on the leadership of a specific area in which our churches need to develop their prayer effort.