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Prayer at General Headquarters

You won’t regret coming home for a memorable day of prayer!

Bring your prayer team to Church of God General Headquarters to pray in Cleveland, TN.

Dr. Tim Hill invites Church of God pastors and members to “come home” through the Agree 18 Prayer Campaign. It’s simple. Pastors and members, especially prayer leaders and intercessors, are being invited to the International Offices of the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee to pray.

Doug Small, International Prayer Coordinator will be on hand to meet guests and he has a day of prayer planned. “We’ll meet in the rotunda that tells the story of our early years. Then, we’ll tour the campus. We’ll retrace our steps by completing prayer missions to various places on campus, for specific ministries in the three primary headquarters buildings.”

The benefit is that our people, many of whom have never been to our international offices will get the privilege of seeing the campus, learning about the denomination’s ministries, and having the opportunity to be partners in prayer. Dr. Tim Hill is challenging the church to bathe everything in prayer. “We want to plan well, but pray better!”

Those participating in the Agree 17 Come Home Campaign will be challenged to adopt a General Offices Prayer Partner. Small says, “The difference in all we do always comes back to the edge that prayer gives us! The great gift all of us can offer is the ‘gift of prayer’ to the effort of world evangelization.”

Also available is an optional field trip to Murphy to visit the historic steps of our heritage – Barney Creek, the Shearer Schoolhouse site, and the simple mountain home where the first general assembly took place.

The day-long experience will touch our early beginnings and our present-day global ministries. The primary purpose, Small says, is not merely education about our history or present ministries, but prayer mobilization. “We want our pastors and laity to adopt our international offices in prayer! We want prayer on-site, for the folks who work there daily, and those who labor around the world. We want continuous prayer, as watchers of the wall, for the ministries of the church around the world. Something happens when we pray on-site. God gives insight. Heart-bonds form. The Spirit speaks. And prayer sparks touch the world.”

Consider ‘coming home’ and bringing a van-load from your congregation to pray for the international church and its leaders.

Pray for the staff, for ministries, for global evangelism.
■ ■ ■
Tour the facilities, drive by the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and through the campus of Lee University.
■ ■ ■
Visit prayer tower at the North Cleveland Church of God.
■ ■ ■
Travel to Barney Creek where it all began.
■ ■ ■
Stand at the Shearer School site where the revival took place.
■ ■ ■
Pray in the house that still stands, the site of the first ‘assembly.’

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Tentative Schedule

3:00 PM    Field trip to Shearer Site,
First Assembly meeting house
and Barney Creek

8:30 AM    Prayer Service
9:30 AM    Gather for Prayer – Rotunda
Campus Tour
10:00 AM    Regroup for Prayer Missions
to Various Parts of the Campus
Prayer Adoptions and Connections
11:15 AM    Chapel Service


News Release from the March 7, 2017 Event

Watch this video>

A group of 32 people from five states spent the day in southeast Tennessee, remembering and praying over the ministries of the Church of God.

The “Agree 17 Prayer Campaign” was led by Church of God Prayer Coordinator Doug Small. The day-long event was sub-titled, “It all started with a prayer meeting,” referring to the August 19, 1886 gathering of a handful of believers at the Barney Creek Meeting House, about 100 miles from Cleveland, and regarded by church historians as the birthplace of the Church of God.

The primary purpose of the campaign was to demonstrate a deliberate emphasis upon prayer for the personnel who lead the Church of God International Offices on a daily basis. Headquarters for the Church of God have been located in Cleveland, Tennessee since 1906, while other ministries, which began in later years, also maintain offices in the Southeast Tennessee city. Those include Pathway Press, Lee University, Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and numerous other ministries with roots in the Church of God.

The delegation began their day with a guided tour on the International Offices campus, which includes the World Evangelization Center, Discipleship and Education Center, and Leadership and Communications. After gathering back at the World Evangelization Center, the prayer group received instructions on specific prayer emphases and disbursed back across campus. They met and prayed with personnel for over an hour in their workspaces.

At 11:00 a.m. the on-campus event concluded with special introductions and prayer for the City of Cleveland. Guest of honor for the ceremony was Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland, who has been in office since 1991 and is the city’s longest tenured mayor.

“The impact of the Church of God is definitely felt in this city,” Rowland stated at the ceremony. “You (Church of God) bring economic blessings, but the greatest contribution is the presence of the Holy Spirit anointing men and women who go from this place and follow our Lord’s Great Commission.”

“Through the years the Church of God has exhibited a powerful presence that gives comfort and inspiration to our citizenry,” Mayor Rowland continued. “Your faithfulness has not wavered in over a century and it is my prayer and pledge that our great partnership continue for centuries to come.”

The group gathering at the 11:00 am ceremony included International Offices employees and all five members of the Executive Committee. General Overseer Tim Hill greeted the audience and made a special presentation to the mayor. First Assistant General Overseer Raymond Culpepper introduced the mayor, while Third Assistant General Overseer David Ramirez prayed a prayer of dedication between the city of Cleveland and the Church of God.

Mayor Rowland concluded his remarks by saying, “To God be the glory, for we know who holds the future for both the City of Cleveland and the great Church of God.”


Holiday Inn Express
4355 Holiday Inn Express Way NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 790-1199

Fairfield Inn
2815 Westside Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 664-2501

Hampton Inn
4355 Frontage Rd NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 458-1222

110 Interstate Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 478-1212

130 Interstate Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 813-7300

Agree 18 Prayer Campaign

Like never before, God is calling us to selfless, vigilant, 24-7 prayer. Our General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill, is sounding the trumpet. This effort is an expectation of a mighty move of God, not only in our churches, but in our cities, indeed, in North America and beyond.

Join me in a movement of prayer in our denomination beyond anything we have seen in our recent memory through the Agree 18 Prayer Campaign:

Learn how you can visit and pray at General Headquarters>

8-Day Prayer Campaign – Intercessors on the Wall

Each week, 100 Church of God Congregations are asked to pray for the church and its ministries around the world. They are, in a sense, ‘on the wall’ that week. Correspondence to churches across the country will be mailed and emailed from the Church of God Prayer Ministries Office.

On your assigned week, 8 days of prayer, on the wall, I am asking you and your church to devote a week to prayer – for the Church of God and its global ministries; for the FINISH commitment; for revival in your congregation and awakening in North America and beyond. Click to download a list of assigned churches>

What you can do:

  1. Have a time of uncommon prayer during your Sunday morning service for global revival and the movement called the Church of God.
  2. Distribute this bulletin on Sunday morning or download a file to email. The files are also available for you to recreate in an alternative format. Contact
  3. Post information to your church website or social media.
  4. Consider opening the church for prayer during the week.
  5. Set-up a prayer chain or a prayer conference call. Let’s engage our people in praying for the harvest, near and far.
  6. Share the videos, the appeal from Dr. Hill for people to take their turn ‘on the intercessory wall,’ to not come down until the task is finished.
  7. Encourage your congregation to join the Saturday Night Fire Call; 9:00 PM EST; Call in number: 641-715-3580; Access Code: 466086.
  8. Review the many prayer opportunities available through Church of God Prayer Ministries on this website.


  • Poster to announce your week on the wall (8.5×11 size or 11×17 size)
  • Bulletin Artwork to promote your week on the wall
  • Bulletin with a daily prayer guide to distribute the Sunday that begins your week on the wall
  • Power Point to share during Sunday morning service
  • Videos to share during Sunday morning service and throughout the week
  • News Release to send to local media or extract verbiage for emails
  • Images that can be added to your website or posted on social media

Order printed resources>

Watch this video from General Overseer Tim Hill:

Saturday Night Fire

Every Saturday Night at 9PM EST

Call in number: 641-715-35800

Access Code: 466086

General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill is committed to prayer as a pillar of the Church of God denomination. As part of the FINISH challenge the Church of God declares to:

  • Commit to 6 million hours of prayer for the FINISH Commitment globally.
  • Recruit 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer globally 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional Finish Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each state/region/ area of the world.
  • Focus each local church as a relevant prayer force.
  • Establish prayer centers in each state/region/area of the world.

The Church of God Prayer Ministries Office will provide resources and avenues to fulfill these goals. One of which is the Saturday Night Fire Call. This weekly prayer call began two years ago after the 21 Day Virtual Prayer Meeting where hundreds connected nightly for the virtual prayer call. Saturday Night Fire focuses on prayer for the Great Awakening including unreached peoples, missionaries, church planters, cities, nations and more.

Listen to recordings of past calls>

Promote Saturday Night Fire:

Share with your church. Email your local pastors. Post to your social media.

Download this flyer>

Download this bulletin insert>

Use these downloadable images:






Prayer at the General Assembly

At the Church of God General Assembly in Nashville, the prayer room was full of innovative ideas for enriching prayer. P. Douglas Small, and prayer ministries, produced a guide, “15 Prayer Options” in the prayer room.

View images of prayer activities at the General Assembly>

Complete a survey regarding the Prayer Room and Prayer Activities at the General Assembly>

Lining the walls were dozens of colorful prayer banners in different sizes with different themes, all available from Project Pray – abortion, children, crime, gangs, youth, family, evangelism, pastors, the government, missionaries, revival, unreached peoples, and the colorful Church of God prayer ministries logo banner, showing the Shearer Schoolhouse Revival, a painting of the late, Dr. David Bishop, with the words, “It all started with a prayer meeting!”

<Pastor Carter Conlon of the Times Square Church was a special guest at the General Assembly and was honored with the Order of the Towel Servant Award. Read more here>

Each afternoon, dozens of children flowed into the prayer room and moved through the stations. They, along with hundreds of adults, pinned the names of loved ones yet to be saved, to the ‘wailing wall.’ They prayed on the carpet map of the world and placed prayer markers on a map of globe. They kicked their shoes off and prayer-walked the USA, on a carpet map of the nation. The laid hands of a globe, and prayed for revival to come to the whole earth.

Streaming all day long were videos of the nations. More than a hundred nations were showcased in beautifully done prayer videos, each some four-to-five minutes long. As prayer the nation of India appeared on screen, one of the overseers of that nation, at that moment, was in the prayer room. With delight, he lifted his head and proclaimed, “That’s my nation.” All day long, the prayers over the nations poured forth.

Another visual presentation featured unreached peoples around the world, showing the regions of the world in which they typically lived, representative faces, and statistics on the degree to which the gospel had penetrated their group. Some sat in the prayer room, calling out the names of these peoples.

Many sat. Others formed prayer circles. Some walked the prayer room. Some lay prostrate, weeping. Some lay across one of the carpet maps. One dear intercessor, danced on the maps of the nation and the world, praying. At times, during the day, voices were raised in prayer, in passionate, tearful prayer. At other times, the room grew quiet. Never, during the entire assembly, was it empty. Hundreds of intercessors, during the course of the week streamed through the prayer room. They picked up a handful of the many prayer requests that were sent to the room and walked the floor praying.

Each morning, the prayer room filled with voices of pastors and laity, nationals and internationals, praying for the world. Dr. Mark Williams led the first prayer service, humbling himself, and kneeling, asking for those present to pray for him. His wife, Sandra, joined him, as voices were lifted in passionate prayer. Each day, at Noon and Dinner, special prayer services were held for the nations.

Doug Small, international prayer coordinator says, “The prayer room is the best kept secret of the General Assembly.” Prior the assembly, six area-wide prayer meetings were conducted in Nashville Church of God congregations, praying for the General Assembly and the city of Nashville. IN the first few days, one-hundred ‘Prayer Ambassador’ bags were distributed with a “You’ve been prayed for” coffee mug filled with chocolate candy, a booklet introducing the Church of God, a God’s Promise book, a letter from Dr. Williams, and special evangelism materials. They went to the Mayor’s office, to convention center workers and hotel staff, with a smile and a “Thank you for letting us, the Church of God, come to your city!” And then each recipient was asked, “While we are in town, how can we pray for you?”

Small says, the prayer room is mobile – it can be set up in large fellowship hall, a gym, or some similar facility to allow a congregation to experience a variety of prayer experiences. For more information, call Church of God Prayer Ministries – 704-996-5091.

Fasting for God’s Favor

Each January, it is estimated that as many as one million American Christians may be participating in the forgotten discipline of fasting. The early church fasted, we are told, two days a week. Each year, Church of God congregations will be encouraged to join that growing army from January 10 – 31, in 21 days of fasting.

In 2016 this initiative grew to include multiple denominations in the RESET OUR GENERATION effort. We began the New Year with 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting with Jesus followers and thousands of churches across the nation. This dedicated time allows us, as believers, across denominational lines, to join in prayer for revival in the church and awakening in the culture.

The initiative included a nightly Virtual Prayer Meeting through the 21 days with a special guest offering a prayer challenge and a national prayer leader leading a segment of prayer. In addition, there were fresh reports in a ‘Look What God is Doing!’ segment. And a Praying for a RESET report.

The opportunity to unite in prayer for ourselves, for our churches, our cities and the world, is intended as a beginning for a year filled with opportunities for revival and awakening. Learn more at

Great Days of Prayer

The GREAT DAYS OF PRAYER are always the first Sunday of any quarter. As you plan for your “Great Days of Prayer” service, you may want to consider the approach you are taking. Here are six steps to help you plan your prayer meeting.

  1. Mark the date.
  2. Outline the Prayer service.
  3. Determine your prayer leadership style.
  4. Do you need to accommodate “content?” Prayer needs? Or will your meeting be unstructured without a specific focus?
  5. If you plan content, then what topics do you need to pray about? How many are realistic?
  6. What prayer models will you use? How will you engage the congregation in prayer? Encourage their participation? How will you move from one topic of prayer to another?

STEP ONE: Choose Your Date and Time. You may want to use the Sunday morning service time, others the evening time slot. Plan for a 75-90 minute prayer experience.

STEP TWO: The ProgramOutline your prayer service. Here is a recommendation:

  • 5-10 minutes of worship by music. Worship wakes up the heart. But don’t substitute a singing service for a prayer service.
  • A 5-10 minute “prayer challenge.” This can be an inspirational idea to inform prayer. It can be instructional. It can be motivational – a story, a fire-starter, a faith-builder. It can be a challenge to pray. It can be a short challenge on how to pray. Caution: Don’t turn the prayer service into a preaching-teaching service. Pray!
  • 30-40 (or more) minutes of congregational prayer.
  • 5-15 minutes for closure. Allow for congregational sharing, small groups, a pastoral challenge, declarations of faith out of the prayer time, consensus building in terms of what God is saying.

STEP THREE: The Prayer Leadership Style Determine the prayer style of your actual prayer time. Are you merely providing a time and place for the congregation to meet and pray, individually, yet together in the same room? Or will you direct the prayer service? Veteran intercessors are often “self-directed.” Others may need help in focus and overcoming fears about prayer. Think about the structure of your prayer time along a continuum. On one side, the approach is completely undirected. On the other side, the prayer experience is not only highly structured, but perhaps even scripted. (See the heading, “Styles of the Prayer Meeting” later in this section)

  • Undirected – People are called together in the same place, but everyone prays individually. Some sit. Some kneel. Some stay in their seats. Some go to the altar. Some may be prostrate. Some stand or walk. Some pray silently. Some pray aloud. Everyone prays, as inclined, about needs that are as diverse as the individuals. The sound level rises and falls, intensity swells and then subsides. Ideally, no voice dominates. All respect order.
  • Facilitated – A leader or leaders facilitate the prayer session. There are themes for prayer, as the Spirit leads. Leaders may sense the mood of the Spirit and call attention to prayer themes that surface. Or hear a recurring topic and call the entire group to focus on that issue. There is a delicate dialectic between the spontaneous and the focused. The facilitators attempt to hear the Spirit echoing from the heart of the people as they pray and shepherd the group gently. They don’t direct, as much as they suggest. They interact with the dynamic of prayer that they sense occurring in the moment. They create space for group moments that don’t occur in undirected prayer. They provide the minimal level of leadership necessary to nudge the individuals into a group prayer experience that puts everyone on the same page.
  • Directed – A directed prayer experience is beyond mere facilitation. Here, the leader is very active, very pivotal to the prayer process. He may move the congregation through various themes for prayer, call for silence or even passionate expressions in prayer. He may suggest that groups form for prayer. He is guiding the prayer experience. He usually will have a planned agenda. He may have a number of prayer needs to be covered or even a prayer exercise to unwrap. Still, the directed prayer meeting allows for personal expression and spontaneity.
  • Orchestrated – An orchestrated prayer experience is one in which the whole event is scripted. There is an outline with individual prayer roles or pray themes. The content of prayer may be prescribed or recommended. Here, the least amount of spontaneity is allowed. The content of the prayer service is tightly focused. This is great way to introduce new models for prayer, to pray around issues or topics that we typically avoid.

STEP FOUR: The Content Needs – The content of your prayer service is your next concern. Your leadership style (step three, above) will determine your capacity for content.  On the other hand, your need to cover certain content in prayer may determine the style of the prayer meeting. Undirected and Facilitated prayer meetings are typically agenda free and are not designed to accommodate planned content. Directed and Orchestrated prayer styles are the best when prayer content is important to the gathering.


  • An undirected prayer experience has little planned content. The content of prayer bubbles up. It is spontaneous.
  • In the facilitated prayer experience, the content is gently suggested at best. Or some theme is recognized and the facilitator calls attention to it – and may spontaneously offer some insight or direction for prayer.
  • In the directed prayer experience, the content is planned.
  • In the orchestrated prayer experience, the content is not only planned, but it is prescribed. There may be prayer litanies. This is particularly helpful when you, as a pastor, are in the stage of teaching people to pray. Or when you, as a congregation, are responding to some critical need or situation.

STEP FIVE: Topics for Prayer – Once you determine if your prayer time needs to accommodate specific content, that will dictate your leadership style. You will then need to choose the topics for prayer, the themes, the specific content.

The possibilities are myriad. You may spend an entire evening on repentance or reconciliation. On consecration or sanctification. On the need for character, say, the fruit of the Spirit. You may choose a Biblical passage and pray through the themes in that passage. You may spend an evening in prayer for open doors in the nations, for missions, for unreached people groups, for lost loved ones represented in the congregation itself. Or, you may pray for your city taking an imaginary prayer walk through the city. You may have a list of prayer needs – with Scripture related to each. You may create a series of slides to introduce prayer needs and inspire prayer. What is the Lord calling the church to pray about? You may simply spend some time in thanksgiving, some time in worshipful prayer (letting God love you, and loving Him), in intercession, and then in petition – offering prayer needs, and then close in prayer.

STEP SIX: Prayer Methods –  Once you have determined your prayer style and your content needs, you will need to determine how you will pray about and around the chosen themes. For example, let’s say you have decided to pray for your community. You have chosen different community needs – poverty, crime, education, the family-breakdown, joblessness, drug problems, city-leadership. You might have someone take snapshots of different locations that represent the needs about which you are praying. Show the photos via power point. Locate them on a projected map of the city. Describe the precise condition about which you are praying. Have people come forward to a microphone and pray as if they were standing at the designated street-corner. Have those same people make an actual trip to the site beforehand and come to the prayer meeting with a burden they sensed as they prayed in that location.

Or, let’s say you want to pray for the church and its ministries or staff. Again, you might want to prepare visuals – of the staff, the programs of the church, outreaches, etc. You also may want to take a prayer walk through the sanctuary or the church facility, over the grounds. Assign groups to leave the sanctuary and pray in each department. Have them pray in each staff members office. Choose scripture to be read at each location. Teach them to wait. Have them to record impressions, prophetic insights, words from the Lord, promises or concerns. Divide the participants into teams for this experience.

Remember, poor planning often leads to shallow corporate prayer experiences. Prayer plans or resources meant to sharpen the focus of prayer, inform the content or enrich the experience can always be laid aside if it becomes clear that the Spirit seizes the direction and takes the prayer meeting into another direction. But, resources can’t be magically produced on the spot. We lay the wood, build the altar and God sends the fire. Poor planning is like asking God for lightning with no prepared altar, no pre-planning sacrifice, no investment, no wood that will sustain the fire.

30 Day Prayer Initiative

This annual effort – a 30-day prayer initiative – aims to ‘saturate’ all we do in prayer. In the season from September-November, a special program emphasis is planned. In the past, we have offered a 30-day prayer saturation effort; a 40-day pre-election prayer guide; and other resources. In most states, the estimate is, that some 20% of our churches participate in some aspect of prayer during this time. Reports include services ripe with the presence of God, extended seasons of prayer, tearful encounters with God, a lingering hunger for God, and the rebirth of the ‘prayer meeting.’ Preaching and teaching materials are available including prayer resources, prayer breakfasts, action ideas and solemn assembly guides.

30-Day Prayer Initiative


Bulletin Support

Undergirding Prayer – Devotional

The Release of Worship – Devotional

The Curse is Broken – Devotional

An Appeal to God – Devotional

                        In My Distress – Devotional

The Nations Are Your Inheritance

Into All the World – Devotional

Sermon/Teaching Resources

Prayer That Produces – Douglas Holt

The Marks of An Authentic Christian – P. Douglas Small

The Brim of Iniquity – Southern Baptist Resource

Stories of the Great Awakenings – Various







Each Sunday will have a special corollary theme with support materials:


  • Seeing His Face. A call to holiness, humility, brokenness and transparency.

Sermon Resource: “Seeing His Face” – Dr. David Cooper

Additional Resources:

Ten Ways to Deepen Communion with God – P. Douglas Small Prayer Resource Guide, p. 23.

Indicators of a Healthy Personal Relationship with God – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide.


  • Sensing His Heart for the World. A call to see the harvest, to consider the area around us our mission field.

Sermon Resource: How to Pray for Your Unsaved Family and Friends”

– Juan Garcia

Additional Resources:

Praying for the Yet to Believe – P. Douglas Small

Prayer Resource Guide, p. 62 – 63.

Prayer for the Nations – P. Douglas Small

Prayer Resource Guide


  • Serving by Demonstrating His Love. A call to care. A call to make a difference in neighbors. A call to be missional.

Sermon/Teaching-Training Resource: “Serving By Demonstrating His Love!” – Samuel Santana

“The Great Commission At Home!” – Leonard Albert

Additional Resources:

Conducting a Sunday Morning Neighborhood Prayer Walk –

  1. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 116.
  • Sharing by Declaring His Truth (the Gospel). A call to evangelize, to share our faith, to witness to friends, to talk openly about faith in ways that solicit search hearts to enquire of His goodness.

Sermon Resources:

“Praying for your Neighbors!” – Charles Fischer

“Where Has the Go Ye Gone?” – Leonard Albert

Additional Resources:

“Where Has the Go Ye Gone?” – Leonard Albert

Note: This resource is far beyond a sermon. It is a training manual, rich with material to be used in this 30 Day season.



  • Men’s Prayer Gathering (Prayer Guide, DVD, etc.)

The Great Commission at Home – Leonard Albert

Note: This resource is far beyond a sermon. It is a training             manual, rich with material to be used in this 30 Day season.

The Power of a Father’s Faith – P. Douglas Small


  • Women’s Prayer Gathering (Prayer Guide, DVD, etc.)

Prayer Service and Weekly Prayer Guide Support – Pam Brewer, Peggy Culpepper and other contributors


  • Intercessor’s Prayer Gathering (Prayer Guide, etc.)

“How to Pray for Your Unsaved Family and Friends!” – Juan Garcia[1]

Additional Resources:

Conditions of Effective Prayer – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide

Praying for Non-Believers – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 85


  • Pastor’s Prayer Gathering (Mini-Summit)

Dennis Fuqua – International Renewal Ministries

  1. Douglas Small – Leading a Relational Prayer Encounter


Wednesday Prayer-Training Events

  • The Priority of Brokenness (Personal Repentance)

Sermon/Teaching Resources:

Repentance – P. Douglas Small


Additional Resources:

Sanctuary Cleansing Service – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 113.


  • The Place of the Solemn Assembly –

The Church (Corporate Repentance)


Solemn Assembly Manual – P. Douglas Small

Elements of a Solemn Assembly (Power Point) – P. Douglas Small



  • The Prerogative of Servants – They Can Go Anywhere!

The Servant Heart – Access to Power.


See Leonard Albert – The Great Commission at Home


            Additional Resources:

Praying For Missions – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 69.


  • The Privilege of Sharing God’s Love – Witness!


See Leonard Albert – The Great Commission at Home


            Additional Resources:

            Praying For the Nations – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource                   Guide, p. 104.


  • The Power of Living by God’s Principles – Discipleship!


8 Days of Awakening Resources


  • Prayer Guide

Claude King: Consecrate the People


  • How to Use the Guide (Integration of Resources)

Claude King


  • Couple’s Prayer Experience

The Prayer Precepts of Jesus – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource                                     Guide, p. 64.

            Couple’s Prayer – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource                                            Guide, p. 88.


  • Family Altar Renewal

The Family Altar Dedication – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource                                     Guide, p. 64.

            Blessing Your Children – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource                                Guide, p. 35.

            The Bless My Children Prayer – – P. Douglas Small, Prayer                                   Resource Guide, p. 45-46.

            Praying With and For Your Kids – P. Douglas Small, Prayer                                 Resource Guide, p. 43.


  • Congregational Solemn Assembly – Wednesday Evening

            Solemn Assembly Manual

Elements of a Solemn Assembly


  • Rosh Hashanah – Day of Prayer (Church open all day; Prayer stations; Prayer focus every half-hour throughout the day)

Personal Prayer – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 21.

Indicators of a Healthy Personal Prayer Life – P. Douglas Small,                           Prayer Resource Guide

Days of Prayer – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource

Guide, p. 89.


  • Prayer Ambassador Materials

Ten Ways to Pray for Government Officials – Charles Stanly, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 60.


  • Youth Prayer Service

Prayer for Youth At-Risk – Steve Smith


  • Saturday: Prayer Walking Guide

Prayer Walking Guide – Steve Hawthorne, Waymakers


  • Saturday: Noon-time Prayer Guide

Greene County Model

Alternative Model


8 Days of Action Resources


            See “Great Commission at Home!” Leonard Albert

Personal Prayer Retreat – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide, p. 30.

A Neighborhood Praise Parade – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide



Prayer-walk your church facility and campus –Small, Power Point

Prayer-walk your city

Join in Noon-time “Cry Out America!” rallies on courthouse steps

Compassion Action

Conduct a “We Care!” campaign            To Be Created

Do special projects

Give the gift of prayer!

Prayer Tents

Soup, Salad and Supplication – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource Guide

Look for open hearts with whom to share the gospel!

Do target evangelism efforts!

Consider those who are:

–     Relationally close (friends and family)

–     Geographically near (neighbors)

–     Scripturally assigned (the widow and orphan; the             rejected and abused; the sick and displaced; the broken- hearted and those in prison)

–     Spiritually assigned (felt needs are drawing the church; there is an open door, an invitation, a connection)

Flea Market Prayer – P. Douglas Small, Prayer Resource, p. 91.

Conducting a Neighbor Praise Parade, p. 100.



[1] Used Previously.