Saturday Night Fire

Every Saturday Night at 9PM EST

Call in number: 641-715-35800

Access Code: 466086

General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill is committed to prayer as a pillar of the Church of God denomination. As part of the FINISH challenge the Church of God declares to:

  • Commit to 6 million hours of prayer for the FINISH Commitment globally.
  • Recruit 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer globally 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional Finish Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each state/region/ area of the world.
  • Focus each local church as a relevant prayer force.
  • Establish prayer centers in each state/region/area of the world.

The Church of God Prayer Ministries Office will provide resources and avenues to fulfill these goals. One of which is the Saturday Night Fire Call. This weekly prayer call began two years ago after the 21 Day Virtual Prayer Meeting where hundreds connected nightly for the virtual prayer call. Saturday Night Fire focuses on prayer for the Great Awakening including unreached peoples, missionaries, church planters, cities, nations and more.

To join the Prayer Call – Saturday Nights, 9 PM EST, dial 641-715-3580, Access Code 466086. Learn more about Church of God Prayer Ministries at

As part of this initiative, each Church of God state/region has been assigned a Saturday for 2017. On your assigned Saturday, there will be a prayer focus for your state/region. Click to see these assignments>

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Prayer at the General Assembly

At the Church of God General Assembly in Nashville, the prayer room was full of innovative ideas for enriching prayer. P. Douglas Small, and prayer ministries, produced a guide, “15 Prayer Options” in the prayer room.

View images of prayer activities at the General Assembly>

Complete a survey regarding the Prayer Room and Prayer Activities at the General Assembly>

Lining the walls were dozens of colorful prayer banners in different sizes with different themes, all available from Project Pray – abortion, children, crime, gangs, youth, family, evangelism, pastors, the government, missionaries, revival, unreached peoples, and the colorful Church of God prayer ministries logo banner, showing the Shearer Schoolhouse Revival, a painting of the late, Dr. David Bishop, with the words, “It all started with a prayer meeting!”

<Pastor Carter Conlon of the Times Square Church was a special guest at the General Assembly and was honored with the Order of the Towel Servant Award. Read more here>

Each afternoon, dozens of children flowed into the prayer room and moved through the stations. They, along with hundreds of adults, pinned the names of loved ones yet to be saved, to the ‘wailing wall.’ They prayed on the carpet map of the world and placed prayer markers on a map of globe. They kicked their shoes off and prayer-walked the USA, on a carpet map of the nation. The laid hands of a globe, and prayed for revival to come to the whole earth.

Streaming all day long were videos of the nations. More than a hundred nations were showcased in beautifully done prayer videos, each some four-to-five minutes long. As prayer the nation of India appeared on screen, one of the overseers of that nation, at that moment, was in the prayer room. With delight, he lifted his head and proclaimed, “That’s my nation.” All day long, the prayers over the nations poured forth.

Another visual presentation featured unreached peoples around the world, showing the regions of the world in which they typically lived, representative faces, and statistics on the degree to which the gospel had penetrated their group. Some sat in the prayer room, calling out the names of these peoples.

Many sat. Others formed prayer circles. Some walked the prayer room. Some lay prostrate, weeping. Some lay across one of the carpet maps. One dear intercessor, danced on the maps of the nation and the world, praying. At times, during the day, voices were raised in prayer, in passionate, tearful prayer. At other times, the room grew quiet. Never, during the entire assembly, was it empty. Hundreds of intercessors, during the course of the week streamed through the prayer room. They picked up a handful of the many prayer requests that were sent to the room and walked the floor praying.

Each morning, the prayer room filled with voices of pastors and laity, nationals and internationals, praying for the world. Dr. Mark Williams led the first prayer service, humbling himself, and kneeling, asking for those present to pray for him. His wife, Sandra, joined him, as voices were lifted in passionate prayer. Each day, at Noon and Dinner, special prayer services were held for the nations.

Doug Small, international prayer coordinator says, “The prayer room is the best kept secret of the General Assembly.” Prior the assembly, six area-wide prayer meetings were conducted in Nashville Church of God congregations, praying for the General Assembly and the city of Nashville. IN the first few days, one-hundred ‘Prayer Ambassador’ bags were distributed with a “You’ve been prayed for” coffee mug filled with chocolate candy, a booklet introducing the Church of God, a God’s Promise book, a letter from Dr. Williams, and special evangelism materials. They went to the Mayor’s office, to convention center workers and hotel staff, with a smile and a “Thank you for letting us, the Church of God, come to your city!” And then each recipient was asked, “While we are in town, how can we pray for you?”

Small says, the prayer room is mobile – it can be set up in large fellowship hall, a gym, or some similar facility to allow a congregation to experience a variety of prayer experiences. For more information, call Church of God Prayer Ministries – 704-996-5091.

Prayer Learning Experiences

“Does Doug still speak at local churches?” – it is amazing that we often get that question! The answer is, “Yes! and often!” – almost every week. While we prefer for congregations to partner for our School of Prayer events, we continue to speak at churches across the nation. We feel the Lord is also calling us to train prayer leaders and mobilize a national intercessory force. We encourage you to partner with other churches and cities, convene and empower others, to catalyze a national effort of prayer and city-impact. Below is a list of all the different ways we can help you spark a Great Awakening! Download the brochure>


  1. Schools of Prayer. A variety of training focused on learning, experiencing and leading in the area of prayer. Or try the new PROJECT 52 DAYS PRAYER JOURNEY. The most popular School of Prayer we offer is called Enriching Your Personal Prayer Life – and the heart of that school is helping folks understand prayer and its components and build a healthy prayer life with communion with God at the center. Additional schools include: Praying through the Tabernacle; Heaven is a Courtroom; Intercession and Spiritual Gifts; and a ‘build-your-own’ school option. We also offer ‘experiencing’ schools – Prayer Missions (Reading a City), Prayer Leadership, and more.
  2. City-Prayer Power Conference. Plenary and workshop speakers across a wide variety of prayer topics. Ten area churches come together as sponsors, preferably across denominational lines. The attendance threshold for these conferences is 300. They are supported by the underwriting of the sponsoring congregations and a modest registration fee. Interdenominational speakers are available for the event.
  3. The Prayer Council Project. The Prayer Council Project is a long-term process aimed at coaching a city, pastors and lay leaders, intercessors and para-church leaders, through a “Decade of Destiny” process – aimed at engaging the city with the gospel in fresh ways, out of a movement of compassion and care, and that, on the back of a pervasive prayer movement.
  4. Prayer Summits. This relational prayer and worship experience is a time of seeking the face of God with a focus on personal transformation and renewal. Here, prayer is learned by experience, laced with spontaneous content moments.
  5. Simultaneous Revival. In cities where at least five congregations will commit to a simultaneous revival effort, we offer a team of revivalists who focus on repentance, holiness, revival and renewal in the church and awakening in the culture. A simultaneous revival effort, to be effective, should reach across denominational divides and unite a city. The emphasis of this team is on exalting Christ and touching a city. With five or more revivals going on in the city along with unifying training and prayer events, with preaching calibrated toward transformation – the potential exists for city impact. Special morning and afternoon sessions are available as well. Call for more information (855-842-5483).
  6. Continuing Education for Prayer Leaders. We have learned that the most impactful method of assisting congregations in their journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do – is less not more. We have designed a prayer training process, complete with videos and discussion guides that brings pastors and prayer leaders of different congregations together quarterly – for teaching, fresh tools, and a boots-on-the-ground talk-it-over take-it-home moment focused on execution. This is teaching, with fresh tools, and implementation ideas, but in bite-sizes. The program unites congregations. It keeps prayer teams encouraged. It calls for measured change, inspiration and motivation without being overwhelming. Learn more about the Prayer Trainer’s Network>
  7. Prayer Impact Weekend. Doug shares with pastors or prayer leaders on Friday night, conduct prayer training (a School of Prayer) on Sunday. Speak at one of the sponsoring congregations on Sunday, and do a community prayer service that Sunday evening. You can build your own experience.
  8. Family Life Enrichment. Doug often speaks at couple’s events, men’s retreats and family conferences. The Couple’s Clinic is the family life seminar Doug has presented to thousands of couples. In that experience, couples learn about the stages of marriage – the tough times. They discover their learned conflict style and basic reflective listening skills that focus on conciliation. They look at the Jesus-style of forgiveness.

Getting Started

Getting Started with a Prayer Ministry

  1. DO IT– Pray. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Pray before you plan. Pray before you do anything else. Above all, let prayer lead the way in developing a prayer ministry. Tarry in prayer. The flesh will want to plan it into being. The Spirit will want to prayer it into being. Pray for prayer – a spirit of intercession. Pray for pray-ers – an army of prayer warriors. Pray for wisdom and direction in prayer. Pray for God to identify prayer leaders. Pray for a passion for the lost. Pray for God’s unique design for the prayer ministry of your church.
  2. ENVISION IT– Pray aloud, “By faith, I see …” Have the participants fill in the blanks. Let prayer, bathed in faith, quicken your hearts with the possibilities for prayer ministry. Don’ hurry. Wait in prayer.
  3. RECORD IT– Have someone record the ideas. “By faith, I see … us prayer walking the city … (another) … with healing teams … praying regularly for the mayor.” Some things envisioned in prayer may be immediately forthcoming. Some may only unfold after years of faithful persistence. A record might encourage late-comers that God had a huge mission in mind from the beginning.
  4. TALK IT UP – Keep sharing ideas for prayer. Enlarge the circle. As more people are exposed to the things stirring in the hearts of a few, the Lord will call others into the process. And the vision will become clear.
  5. PRIORITIZE IT– Begin to separate the ideas about which you have prayed and talked into categories – Do immediately, Do as soon as possible, Do later, Wait on the Lord. Develop an action plan. Keep committing it to prayer. Keep it fluid.
  6. STEWARD IT – By now, a core group has emerged who want to see a formal prayer ministry become a reality. Some will have a passion for prayer, but not be gifted as an organizer. Ideally, you want an intercessor who is also gift leader with evidenced maturity to serve as your team leader. Team is a key word. This is not a one-person job. A prayer ministry demands a team. Designate the team members. Keep the roles loosely defined in the discovery and exploratory phases.
  7. WORK IT – Transform the vision, with its priority categories, into action steps. Don’t stop praying. Pray and plan. Work and pray! Keep enlarging the circle of people meeting to move the prayer process forward.
  8. GROW IT– With the core vision given the group in prayer, now expose yourself to all kinds of ideas. Don’t copy other prayer ministries, but do learn from them. Assign each of your team members a different book to read on prayer ministries – not just prayer. Come together. Have them share insights.
  9. EVALUATE IT– In light of what you are learning, how balanced is your plan. How likely is it that you can accomplish all your goals in the time-line you might have set? Have other prayer ministry leaders from other churches assess your plan. Get pastoral approval. Make sure your team is on board.
  10. EXECUTE IT– Even as you put your plan in action, keep it flexible. You learn by doing. As you conduct prayer events, you will see gaps in prayer theology and practice. Teach and train into those gaps. Then test the learning by another doing event. Build slowly – teach and execute; train and deploy. Set reasonable goals. Make them measurable. Expect resistance. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Links to Prayer Organizations

24-7 – An international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice to pray 24/7.

30-Days Prayer Network – 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World coinciding with Ramadan each year.

40-Day Prayer Covenant – A tool for active discipleship. It’s a guide for engaging with God and others in a structure that allows for meaningful and deep impacting prayer.

40 Weeks of Prayer for America’s Orphans – Link arms and pray for a fatherless generation, to stand as their intercessors, to be a voice for those who have no voice.

4-14 Window Global Initiative –Refers to the demographic group from age four to fourteen years old, a golden age of opportunity to transform the world.

The Alliance – Inspired by Jesus’ love and empowered by His Spirit, passionate to bring the good news about Him to our neighborhoods and world.

America’s National Prayer Committee – Exists to provide collective servant leadership to the national prayer movement.

American Bible Society – Bringing God’s word where it is needed most.

ARISE – Obeying God’s call to gather the children into His presence

Assemblies of God Prayer and Spiritual Care – A 24/7 automated prayer call line along with the Intercessory Prayer Network and other resources.

Australian Children’s Prayer Network –Mobilize and network praying Christian children to raise up the next generation of prayer warriors.

Australian Prayer Network – News and prayer info from Australia

Caleb Project –A resource providing media tools and training experiences to equip the body of Christ for strategic ministry to unreached peoples.

The Call –Gathering hundreds of thousands across the US for solemn assemblies to unite in urgent, humble fasting and prayer.

Call2all – A network to train and focus the Body of Christ across the world to see the Great Commission completed in our life-time

Canning Hunger – Motivate, recruit, train, equip and deploy caring individuals into the fight against hunger.

The Cause – Encouraging global community through local service.

Children in Prayer – Teaching children to hear the voice of God through the discipline and practice of prayer and be trained as worship leaders, intercessors, and evangelists as God so chooses.

Children’s Prayer Network, Australia – Mobilize and network praying Christian children.

Children’s Prayer Network, South Africa – Mobilizing children to be involved in prayer outreaches in South Africa and abroad.

Children’s Global Prayer Movement – Mobilize millions of praying children, 12 years and under, worldwide to intercede for world evangelism and for the myriad issues that concern their generation.

National Children’s Prayer Congress – Bringing children from across the nation to Washington, DC for leadership training and to pray for the country’s leaders.

National Children’s Prayer Network – Malaysia – Bringing together all the praying children in Malaysia together to pray in one accord.

Church of God Prayer Ministries – Resource devoted to Church of God (Cleveland, TN) churches.

Church Prayer Leaders Network –For anyone who desires to see his or her church make prayer foundational to its entire ministry.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide –Working for religious freedom through advocacy and human rights, in the pursuit of justice.

Claim Your Campus – Unites students across America in prayer for their schools on every campus, every day.

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation – Alarmed by the concerted effort to remove God from every vestige of government and to silence the voice of millions, CPCF is at the center of a growing network of national, state and local leaders who are protecting our right to be a nation that prays and trusts in God.

CryOut – Calling believers from all corners of the earth to pray and fast for people and cities in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.

The Embassy of Israel to the United States – Stay abreast of issues regarding Israel for more effective prayers for this country.

Ethnê to Ethnê . . . This Generation! – Learn more about the 6,900 “least-reached by the Gospel groups” in the world.

Every Home for Christ – Participate actively in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the whole world.

Finishing the Task – A vision to see every people group in the world engaged with an indigenously led church planting movement.

Generals International – Generals International is an international church movement, reforming the nations of the world back to a biblical worldview. We are achieving societal transformation through intercession and the prophetic.

Generation of Destiny Children Pray – Encouraging praying children.

Generation 2 Generation – Reconnecting the generations and equipping them to have an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.

Global AIDS Prayer Partnership – Mobilizing prayer and action globally to end AIDS.

Global Day of Prayer –Christians from all over the world, from different cultures and denominations, from many diverse streams gather in their homes, or where appropriate, assemble in stadiums, public auditoriums and open squares to unite prayer.

Global Mapping International – Providing professional services, tools and training in geographic mapping (GIS), strategic and applied research, information technology and digital publishing for the international Christian missions community.

Global Prayer Digest – A daily prayer guide for unreached people groups around the world.

Gospel Communications – Online ministries working to use technology and the internet to reach the world with the message of Jesus Christ.

Gospel for Asia – Reaching the most unreached in Southeast Asia with the love of Christ.

Harvest Evangelism – An inter-denominational ministry committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission, dedicated to serving the entire Body of Christ around the globe while instilling vision for city, regional and nation-wide transformation.

Harvest Prayer Ministries –Equipping the local church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for revival and finishing the task of world evangelization.

Hollywood Prayer Network – A strategic prayer network for the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.

Hope – A catalyst bringing churches together to transform communities.

Hope for Europe –A relational movement networking followers of Jesus in many fields across Europe, partnering for transformation of life and society.

Humanitarian International Services Group – Worldwide disaster relief and community development operations.

In All Things…Pray – Prayer resource offered by the Southern Baptist Convention.

In Jesus’ Name Productions – A not-for-profit ministry created to be the world’s first Christian movie studio.

International House of Prayer – Maintains a 24/7 house of prayer in Kansas City, MO as well as an evangelical missions organization.

Intercessors for America – Informs, connects, and mobilizes intercessors to pray for America and its leaders. Reaching the masses of Christians in churches and communities nationwide with information and tools to unite them in effective prayer to safeguard our country.

Intercessors in Israel – Seeking to raise up a prayer army in and for Israel.

International Orality Network – Network that seeks to influence the body of Christ to make disciples of oral learners (2/3 of the world, 5.7 billion of which 1/2 are children) around the globe. In addition, to bring the awareness of the need for scripture in heart languages to the unengaged unreached people groups thru prayer and action. Praying for Oral Peoples, Bibleless and UUPG as a foundation for all.

International Prayer Connect – A coalition of more than 3,000 Christian prayer networks and organizations who share a common vision to mobilize and equip worldwide prayer for the blessing, healing and transformation of the nations.

International Reconciliation Coalition – A network of individuals, churches and organizations committed to dealing with conflict using Biblical means – Confession, Repentance, Reconciliation and Restitution.

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network – An interdenominational Christian prayer ministry that is committed to building a strong, broad-based prayer network to support the Church to fulfil its calling as a “house of prayer for the nations”.

Joel News – A weekly e-zine that offers a high-quality selection of the most inspiring stories on the advance of God’s Kingdom around the world.

Joshua Project – A research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ.

Kids in His Presence – Nurturing a child’s affection for Papa God.

Kids in Ministry International – Redefining children’s ministry in the 21st century in the Church of Jesus Christ, completely changing how we disciple our Christian children.

Kids Prayer – Ideas and resources for children’s prayer ministries.

Love 2020 – If 10% of professing Christians in American would begin to aggressively live the life of love, it would be possible to express God’s love to every man, woman, young person and child in this nation by the year 2020.

Lydia Fellowship International – A call to prayer for Christian women, those who have the heart to meet with God and encounter his presence.

Mission America Coalition –An unprecedented Coalition of Christian leaders who have prayerfully come together to mobilize the Church for praying, caring and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in deed and word.

Moms in Prayer International – Praying for children and schools across the US.

National Children’s Prayer Network (Malaysia) – Bringing together all the praying children in Malaysia to pray in one accord.

National Day of Prayer – Mobilizing prayer in America and encouraging personal repentance and righteousness in the culture. First Thursday of May.

National Pastors’ Prayer Network – Sharing the Holy Spirit’s work of gathering pastors together in prayer for one another, their congregations and eventually their communities and cities.

Navpress – Bringing biblically rooted, culturally relevant, and highly practical products to people who want to know and love Christ more deeply.

Open Doors International – The world’s largest outreach to persecuted Christians in the most high-risk places.

Operation World – Widely regarded as the definitive volume of prayer information about the world.

Partners in Prayer and Evangelism – Overflowing blessing to Australian neighborhoods, regions and nations.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – A global day of intercession for persecuted Christians worldwide.

Pebbles and Stones – Intentional in bringing generations together to experience God’s love in community.

PrayUSAGovernment Leaders Calling the Nation to Prayer Initiative, believing for God to set churches on fire across the Country

Pray for China – A prayer calendar designed for you to glorify God by praying for the needs of the Chinese people.

Pray for Denmark – For those who have a heart for the spiritual condition of Denmark.

Pray for France – Mobilizing prayer for France.

Pray for Iran – Dedicated to encouraging prayer for the nation and people of Iran.

Pray for Kuwait – Prayer points to pray for Kuwait.

Pray for Somalia – Year of prayer for Somalia.

Pray for Spain – Learn about the evangelical churches of Spain, their context and needs.

Pray! Network – Prayer message boards, blogs, and event updates with free registration.

PrayWay – Interactive prayer forum.

The Prayer and Crisis Referral Network – Your church can participate in a 24-7 Community Prayer HOPE Line. You can’t open your church doors 24-7, but you can offer a toll-free number for anyone to call for prayer. And you can promise them that an intercessor will listen, care and pray!

The Prayer Guide – Over 100 pages of answers to questions on Christian prayer and intercession.

Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula – What will God do as His people from all over the world begin praying specifically for the Arabian Peninsula?

Praying Through the Window – Praying through the 10/40 Window (10 degrees south to 40 degrees north of the equator).

Prayer-Connect Magazine – Deepen your prayer connection with Jesus Christ and fellow believers.

Presidential Prayer Team – Source for encouragement and inspiration to pray for America, our President, our national leaders and our Armed Forces.

Renewal Ministries – Dedicated to fostering renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church by helping people know the personal love of God in Jesus and grow in holiness.

Proclaim Hope – Serving all of God’s people as we prepare for the great hope of a nationwide Christ-awakening movement for our generation.

Reign Bridge – Bringing people together across generations and geographies.

The Roar – Prayer for, by and with children of the nations.

Sacred Space – Daily online prayer.

See You at the Pole – Global day of student prayer, fourth Wednesday in September.

Sentinel Group – Helping the Church pray knowledgably for end-time global evangelization and enabling communities to discover the pathway to genuine revival and societal transformation.

Teach us to Pray – Prayer resources for children to be used by churches and families.

Transformation Africa – Transforming Africa through prayer.

Transformations Ireland – To see Ireland transformed by God as the Body of Christ unites in repentance and prayer.

United States National Prayer Council – Network of prayer leaders.

Viva Network – Find out how you can equip and encourage children to pray for children at risk.

Voice of the Martyrs – A vision for aiding Christians around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ, fulfilling the Great Commission, and educating the world about the ongoing persecution of Christians.

Wallbuilders – An organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on the moral, religious, and constitutional foundation on which America was built.

Waymakers – A mobilization ministry focused on seeing Christ glorified by obedient, worshiping movements in every people group. Downloadable resources and online bookstore.

Window International Network – Their vision is to see sustained, strategic, and informed prayer transforming unreached people for Christ in the 10/40 Window.

World Wide Prayer 24/7 – Calling Christians to pray for their pastors, church and for the nations to receive Christ.

State Prayer Leader and Team

To encourage an intentional prayer effort among the churches and pastors of the Church of God denomination, the Church of God Prayer Ministries Office sets forth a leadership network of prayer coordinators with a prayer leader assigned for each state/region. This leader also needs around a team. The State Prayer Team should be built with the state/regional structure in mind. Then supplement the constituency for the purpose of diversity (men and women, young and old, laity and ministry, ethnic diversity, etc.). Finally, perhaps most importantly, build ministry capacity and calling into the team. Who has a passion to carry the torch in your state for youth and children’s prayer, to mobilize intercessors, to recover the family altar, to raise up prayer support for UPGs, and church planters? This last layer is the critical component that allows us to begin to mobilize and resource prayer at every level.

Below is a description of a State/Regional Prayer Coordinator. To learn more about this leadership role purchase the State Prayer Leader Guidebook for your Leader and Prayer Team.

Review the State Prayer Team list>

Submit your State Prayer Leader or Team Members

  • Complete this form to submit the name of your State Prayer Leader or a member of your State Prayer Team. If the address you enter is for a church, please enter that church name as part of the address. Thank you.


Title of the position: State/Regional Prayer Coordinator

Reports to: Administrative Bishop; Collaborates with International Prayer Coordinator.

Overall responsibility: To promote prayer among the ministers and the churches, to develop a strategy to undergird the leaders and efforts, the ministers and churches of the state in prayer; to encourage churches to be intentional in their prayer effort.

  1. The State Prayer Coordinator needs to be allowed to leverage the influence of the Administrative Bishop. That demands a person in whom the Bishop has both deep confidence and personal trust, a hand-glove relationship is desired.
  2. Prayer should be a part of the process of decision making and programming.
  3. Where possible, a state should commit resources to the prayer ministry needs. Funding priorities make a theological statement. A budgetary crisis should not deter prayer efforts, but deepen prayer resolve. In any case, people who are genuinely called to pray will do so without pay. So a volunteer process can never be thwarted from moving forward by financial constraints.
  4. It is typically not recommended that the Administrative Bishop, the Evangelism Director or a Pastor be the State Prayer Coordinator. Each case may be unique. However, the position will require a significant time commitment. Pastors in the state may find it easier to work with a respected layman or retired pastor rather than a peer.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Bring prayer to the heart of every ministry endeavor.
  2. Encourage pastors to be people of prayer.
  3. Encourage local churches to name a prayer leadership team and participate in the ‘praying church movement.’
  4. Identify intercessors across the state.
  5. Provide on-going training in the area of prayer, the family altar, intercession, effective prayer meetings, and prayer evangelism.
  6. Conduct state-wide and regional prayer gatherings.
  7. Develop a multi-year strategy for the prayer-evangelism effort.

Consults with:

  1. The Administrative Bishop regularly.
  2. The International Coordinator of Prayer Ministries regularly.
  3. State team members.
  4. Local church prayer team members and pastors regarding their needs.
  5. State intercessors network.


  1. The Prayer Coordinator should be a person of prayer.
  2. They should have some success in leading prayer efforts.
  3. They should have the respect of pastors and ministers in the state.
  4. They may be a pastor, minister or non-credentialed lay leader in good standing with their local church, male or female.
  5. In addition to a passion for prayer, they should exhibit leadership skills.

Recommendations for the State Prayer Leader and Team:

  1. The role of the Prayer Coordinator and the State Prayer Team is to work toward integrating prayer into every aspect of state and local church life. This will typically require primary leadership to create and expand state-wide prayer ministry.
  2. Make prayer a cornerstone for everything done in and through the state and the churches.
  3. Develop a state-wide communication network. Use electronic technology. If possible, use the State News, the State website. Send information for posting to the site.
  4. Survey the pastors and staff for prayer needs.
  5. Report to the Prayer Team and local churches what’s happening around the state in prayer.
  6. Discover and disseminate different prayer strategies. Share the unique adaptation of prayer strategies. Help leaders learn from each other.
  7. Encourage participation in denomination prayer efforts.
  8. Don’t Make Prayer a Program. Begin small, mentor and train individuals. Keep the focus on a relationship with Christ.


Additional Guidelines for Appointing the State Prayer Leadership Team


The prayer leadership team should reflect the composition of your state – men and women, young and old with ethnic diversity. Couples work well, though the team need not be exclusively composed of couples. Laypersons or credential ministers who are retired or serve in an associate role, particularly outstanding local church prayer coordinators, make great choices.


There is no size limitation. Ideally, the team will be in the range of at least ten-to-twelve.



The team will serve at the pleasure of the Administrative Bishop. Longer terms will allow the team to develop significant relationships throughout the state and see the completion of various initiatives. Consider four-to-six year terms. 20% of the prayer team should be new leadership every 24 months for fresh input. Develop a tenure model with that in mind. Team members rotating off may be eligible to serve again, and may be viewed as advisors to the state-wide prayer process.


People of prayer tend to have special and specific passions. When you appoint your team, these elements should be reflected in your team – intercessory prayer, pastoral prayer support, prayer evangelism (prayer walking, missions), personal prayer, church-based prayer ministries, the family and prayer, prayer rooms/centers, prayer teams, prophetic intercession, prayer watches, leading prayer gatherings, etc. Finding such people with both a passion for prayer and a capacity for leadership, with varied prayer interests will insure a broad prayer emphasis in your state.


Your team should be chosen with their potential contribution in mind, not the convenience of their location to the state office. The geographic distribution of the team throughout the state may be important if you are considering regional representation or initiatives. Otherwise, choose the best team for the state/region regardless of their residential location.


Encourage the team to meet together, face-to-face, at least quarterly, if for no other reason, than to pray. If possible, plan the meeting when the Administrative Bishop can meet with them for at least a portion of the time. Encourage the team to connect via conference call monthly to review the prayer needs of the state.


Allow the group to be creative, to follow the imaginative leadership of the Spirit with regard to prayer initiatives – prayer chains, prayer walks/missions, pastoral prayer support, state office prayer support and more.


The website – – will serve the process. It will allow for prayer teams to connect with one another and share breakthrough stories and ideas for stimulating prayer.

Once state prayer teams are in place, our goal is to encourage local churches to appoint prayer leadership teams or at the very least, a local church prayer coordinator. The state prayer teams will seek to resource and encourage the pastors and prayer leaders who have identified themselves as seeking to move a prayer process forward in their congregation. In addition, the international prayer coordinator will seek to connect and resource both state and local church prayer leadership teams.



Church of God State Prayer Leaders Directory

This list represents only the states or regions that have appointed a Prayer Leader or Leadership team for their state/region and have notified the Prayer Ministries Office.

Please check the listings below and provide missing data by emailing

This list was last updated on March 28, 2017.

Team Leader Paul Lett
Address: 265 Hunter Ridge Ln
Pell City, AL 35128
Phone: 205-515-9314

Team Leader: James Decanter
Address: 3484 State Highway 42
Turrell, AR 72384-9077
Phone: 870-740-8156

Team Members:
Alvin Yancey

Danny Pankey

Lowell Sartin

Danny Rigney

Lee Parnell

Patricia Tucker

Team Leader: Reverend Linda Querry
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Upcoming Events

Heaven is a Courtroom School of Prayer
Wednesday nights in August at 7PM
Praise Cathedral Church
3390 Brushy Creek Rd
Greer, SC 29651
Call 864-879-4878 for more information.

August 21-24
Breaking the Silence Conference
Church for All Nations
6540 Templeton Gap Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Register and learn more at:

First Steps


The FIRST YEAR Discovery Process

How do you begin a prayer process in your church?

Have an envisioning evening for the launch of a new level of prayer ministries in your church! Do some of these things:

  1. Share the stories of what God is doing through prayer.[1]
  2. Show one of the shorter transformation videos.[2]
  3. Talk about the need for prayer – and the joy of prayer.
  4. Describe your vision for prayer ministries in the church.
  5. Spend a good share of the time praying – pray individually, pray into the vision for prayer!
    1. SAY: We announced an evening to talk about prayer ministries, and I am delighted that you came. What brought you here? Let’s pray that to God! “God when I heard about this meeting … my heart leaped … I knew you were calling me to this …”
    2. SAY: What do you envision happening in our church by prayer? Let’s pray that to God! “God, the desire of my heart is to learn to pray … so many of us want a closer walk with you … Lord, would you teach us to pray?”
    3. You could ask these questions and get “shared” responses. But when the people pray their responses, the effect is different! Dramatically different.

After the meeting – Appoint a local church “prayer discovery task force.”

  1. Composition of the team – the team should be primarily composed of people who have a sense of “call” to prayer ministry. This is not your permanent prayer leadership team, although we would expect that some permanent prayer leadership team members would emerge from this group.


  • Size of the task-force – probably about 12.


  • The diversity of the task-force, if possible, should be comprised of young and old, male and female, single and married, black and white, Pentecostal background and non-Pentecostal background.
  • Consider a staff liaison to the task force (although for purposes of vision, your involvement in the early stages will be very important). It would also be helpful if there was an elder as a part of the task force, or at least a liaison.
  • Along with the prayer discovery task force, you will want to formally identify your “prayer council.”[3]


  1. Function of the task force.

Create a prayer resource manual detailing all the prayer activities already exist.[4] This would be in initial form a “ragged” notebook in which all the various activities and initiatives of and out of prayer were compiled in one volume. This notebook is NOT FOR PUBLIC consumption. It is a for-our-eyes-only compilation of existing prayer activities.


  1. Conduct a survey of prayer ministry interest in the congregation.
  2. Suggest and promote prayer learning/experience options in the next six months.
  3. Explore options for prayer ministry in these areas:
    1. Discover the appropriate “level” of intensity for the prayer ministry (note the various and intensifying levels):
      1. An aggressive, balance, integrated prayer process?
      2. … with a dedicated prayer room?
      3. … or with a prayer center?
      4. … with a 24/7 prayer process?
      5. … with a 24/7 center? [5]
      6. … with a 24/7 city-impact center?
    2. Function of intercessors.[6]
  • Interface of prayer and mission (prayer evangelism[7]).[8]
  1. Prayer support for ministries; and integration of prayer into ministries.
  2. Identifying prayer resources useful for Metro.
  3. Ways and Means to teach and encourage personal-devotional prayer.[9]
  • Development of a prayer discipleship, teaching-training plan.


  1. Structure of the task force


  1. The Senior pastor serves as the “visionary leader” of the task force. You need a person with good strategic planning/thinking skills. Staff liaison. An elder (council) should be a part of the team or one appointed to serve as a liaison. The functional team leader should be appointed by the Senior pastor.
  2. Within this task-force we would create “focus-teams” where possible around the interest of the members of the team …
    1. Each focus-team would be composed of 3 individuals from the “prayer discovery team” with a possible addition of 2 additional members from the congregation.[10]
    2. Focus-teams recommended:[11]
      1. Prayer Center focus team.
      2. Intercessors focus team.
  • Prayer-Evangelism focus team.
  1. Youth-Prayer focus team.
  2. Personal/Family Enrichment focus team.
  3. Prayer Ministry integration focus team.




  1. Schedule of the task force …


  1. Month One – appointment of the task force.
  2. Month Two – orientation of the task force …and structuring of the focus-teams.[12]
  3. Month Three – addition of the “at-large” members to the focus group teams; specific assignments of the focus-teams.
  4. Month Four-to-Six – focus teams work, meeting as necessary; the task-force meets not less than monthly.
  5. Month Seven – Resource manual is compiled detailing all Metro prayer ministry activities; focus-group reports and recommendations are assembled.
  6. Month Eight-to-Nine – Task force translates focus-group recommendation into a 3-5 year prayer implementation plan.


  1. Process …
  2. The Senior Pastor must cast the vision for Church’s prayer ministry. A part of the discovery phase will be our prayer support for God to speak clearly to the Senior Pastor about Metro’s blueprint for prayer ministry.
  3. Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY (Or some other prayer coaching network) would serve at the pleasure of the Senior Pastor in the area of “architect” – helping to translate the vision for prayer into a strategic process in conjunction with the focus – discovery teams.
  4. At the end of the discovery phase, a permanent prayer leadership team would be appointed with a prayer-coordinator … and the prayer implementation plan would unfold.[13]



Learning Components


Your prayer ministry advances on two legs – learning and doing. Most of our people have to be “taught” to pray, how to pray. Learning leads to doing. And doing reveals the “learning gaps,” the areas where more teaching is required. Low levels of participation are often indicators of fear. When people are invited to pray, they do not know what might be expected of them, so they avoid invitations to prayer. Teaching, especially experiential learning, helps them become accustomed to prayer.



  • PRACTICUM – principles applied, how is this practiced?
  • PICTURES – stories, examples, illustrations



  • Where are you in your PROCESS – are you on track; on schedule? Ahead, behind? Has your response been what you thought it would be?
  • What are your current PROBLEMS/SUCCESSES?


Sustaining the Plan

A 3-5 year transformational process should be planned and carefully laid out! Each of the above team members should be looking to build their teams in each of their areas.


The first phase of building a prayer ministry is “discovery.” Develop a plan. That plan should include all four dimensions on two legs. The two legs are “learning” and “doing.” Prayer is better caught than taught. The doing events give expression to the learning events, and test the depth of interest in prayer in the church and your capacity to mobilize. The doing events show the gaps in learning – and the learning should always be tested by the doing!


If the leadership team is not a praying team and is not open to learnthe prayer ministry will fail. If the leadership team does not become a team – if they pursue their “pieces” of the prayer ministry without a seamless approach to prayer, without regard for the whole, without a sense of where the prayer ministry is to take the church, namely to revival, then the prayer ministry will fail and competitive prayer options will emerge. Humility is an essential! Prayer should change the ethos of the whole church.


[1] There are a number of stories that I shared regarding prayer in the leadership seminar. You can replay them as video or simply retell them. Here are some websites from which you can often pull inspirational stories. Be careful, not all “Prayer Stories” sites are Biblically sound. And not all stories true. I often check out stories on this site:  A reliable story site is  Another site is as well as

[2] The video I use is “Transformation II – Preview clip.” It is shorter than either Transformation I or II and contains excerpts from both. Available from: or by calling 800-668-5657  They have a number of excellent videos documenting the work of the Holy Spirit around the world out of prayer.

[3] The “prayer council” would be comprised of all the leaders for every prayer ministry already in existence. These people are the backbone of the current prayer stream of any church but they have rarely been convened. Sometimes their interests in prayer are so specific in focus that they have not connected with other people of prayer in the same church. By bringing these people to the table, we will advance the discovery process. Some members of the discovery task force should be drawn from this group, but not exclusively. The discovery task force may interface with this group several times. And when the task force is transitioned into a prayer leadership team, that prayer leadership team will continue to relate to this prayer council. As new prayer ministries are launched, the leaders of those ministries are added to this council. The goal is a non-competitive seamless prayer process in the local church.

[4] This is probably a 2 – 3 month project. The manual would list each “prayer ministry,” the person designated as the leader. The purpose of the prayer ministry – its focus, its target participants, the frequency and duration of its meetings, the length of time in existence, a vitality rating, a projection for its future including ministry expansion plans and maximum number of participants anticipated. See attached sheet – sample prayer ministry profile sheet – for more information.

[5] The creation of a 24-7 center requires 168 man-hour volunteers. I would not recommend that as an immediate step. Further, without 24 hour on-site security, you have additional complications. At this point, I would recommend that your team consider a prayer center which is staffed during certain peak-use hours, open for use during certain other daylight hours. Around this day-time function, you can begin to build a continuous 24 hour prayer stream combining prayer-center activity with at-home prayer chains. Again, I would not make the “24 hour” model my top priority. CAUTION: You want to launch a prayer process that is sustainable given the amount of manpower which the church can allocate to it presently. That is a decision which we can wade into as we determine the level of interest and test commitment with church-wide prayer exercises during this discovery phase.

[6] At some point, we may want to convene just those who feel called to do the work of intercession. And as a part of the discovery process, we will want to look at “teaming intercessors.”

[7] Al VanderGriend has combined a 3-word phrase which is a blueprint for prayer evangelism – prayer, care, share. These three words reference the connection between the “great commitment – prayer,” the “great commandment – love,” and the “great commission – sharing the gospel.” Much of our “great commission” work in America as evangelicals has been without a “deeds of kindness” social interface. As we pray for our community, the neighbor around our church and the city, God wakes up in our people unique ways to express his love – thus prayer translates to our being available for God to love our city through us; and such sincere prayer for our city, combined with loving acts of kindness, opens doors for the gospel.

[8] This includes, but is not limited to the way the prayer ministry connects with the city-church.

[9] This may be anything from bulletin inserts to additional congregational prayer exercises; it may also include prayer experiences, continued teaching of prayer both at the church-wide level, and in the discipleship arena.

[10] These additional team members would be drawn from the pool of people expressing interest in prayer at meetings such as the one we had last evening.

[11] With 6 “focus teams” and a 12-member discovery team – each focus team leader would serve on only one “focus team (exceptions could be made) and each team member would serve on two focus groups (allowing for some cross pollination of ideas). These teams would be given assignments

[12] Somewhere in the Month 2 – 4 period, an overnight retreat for this leadership team would be helpful; or at least a full-day in-town planning meeting to prepare it for the next 3 months of activity.

[13] This does not mean that no prayer implementation will take place before that time. In fact, a part of discovery will be prayer learning and doing experiences along with the affirmation and reshaping of existing prayer ministries. We want to avoid running head-long into piece-meal implementation without a long-term understanding of the Church’s prayer needs.

The 4-dimensional Model of Prayer

Most churches have a single-dimensional model for prayer. They have a prayer meeting that is one-style, one-time, one-leader for all. They are limited in terms of the prayer formats that are used. The prayer focus is routine and too narrow. Intercessors sometimes take over the prayer services with a level of passion too hot for the typical participant not accustomed to such fervent prayer! At other times, prayer meetings degenerate into a litany of prayer requests.

What is needed is a multi-dimensional model. A growing church needs many opportunities for prayer – different times and places. It needs a prayer ministry that is diverse in its focus.

There are four areas which need to be intentionally developed if the church is going to have a balanced prayer process. These are not exercises in prayer or even prayer ministries. These four areas represent the way in which we should measure and balance the prayer ministry.

The Four-Fold Focus

  • A praying people – personal transformation. At home, daily prayer. Family prayer times. Couples connecting in prayer. Fathers and mothers, praying with children. The discipline of gratitude at meal times. Holiday prayer. Fathers blessing their children. Moms and Dads praying over fevered brows. Homes that are consecrated. Homes where the act and sound of prayer is not strange.
  • A praying church – total dependence upon His hand! Doing the business of God – prayer. And doing nothing without prayer. Making the church a praying church – living out of His presence, depending in His strength, serving beyond ourselves.
  • Identified and Mobilized Intercessions – the prayer engine of the church is intercession and intercessors. These people are called and gifted to pray. All of us are to be intercessors. But there is a core of people with hot-hearts for prayer. Find them. Affirm them. Disciple them. Mobilize them. Train them. Debrief them. Direct them.
  • Prayer Evangelism – Claiming the harvest by prayer. Asking for God’s presence to anoint as we love the lost open to the gospel. Prayerfully looking for the opportunities to share the good news of God’s love. Conduct prayer walks and prayer missions. Ask every Christian to begin to pray for unsaved friends and family. Prayer and the harvest must be connected.