FINISH Commitment

General Overseer of the Church of God, Tim Hill has set forth his vision for the FINISH Commitment, a “Global Church Focus on the Great Commission.” Prayer Ministries has adopted these commitments and goals based on the ‘I’ in FINISH which stands for INTERCEDE, making prayer and worship the highest privilege and greatest responsibility of every believer.

“Whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Matthew 21:22 KJV).

We are committed to:

  • Commit globally to 6,000,000 hours of prayer annually for the FINISH Commitment.
  • Recruit globally 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional FINISH Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each local church, state, region, and area of the world.

Join these prayer connection calls (Call-in number: 641-715-3580; Access Code: 466086):

  • Saturday Night Fire Call – Each Saturday – 9:00 PM EST
  • Pray for Unreached Peoples – First Wednesday of each month – 12:30 PM EST

As part of the plan to fulfill the goals, the Prayer Ministries Office charges each church to pray 5 minutes once a month for a Global Harvest.

Use the HEARTS Prayer:

H – Hearts

  • Pray for receptive and repentant Hearts (see Luke 8:5-15).
  • God to touch the heart!


  • Pray for spiritual Eyes and Ears to be opened to the truth of Christ (see Matt. 13:15; 2 Cor. 4:3-4)
  • God to cause them to see and hear!


  • Pray for them to become Aware of God, of their need for him, of their sin.
  • Pray that they will acknowledge their need for Christ as Savior and Lord (see John 16:8).


  • Pray for grace to repent – to cry out to God.
  • For their redemption, the claim on their lives by the blood and death of the lamb to be realized.
  • For them to be released from sin’s power, from its grip, and freed to follow Christ. (see 2 Cor. 10:3-4; 2 Tim. 2:25-26)


  • Pray for a Transformed life (see Rom. 12:1-2).
    Pray that they would be teachable.


  • Pray for God to Save, Sanctify and Send them into His harvest field (see Matt 9:35-38).

Below are resources for your use including a bulletin insert and power point. There are resources for 37 months, then begin back at Issue 01.

Bulletin Inserts

Power Point Files

21-Days of Prayer and Fasting

Across the nation, thousands of churches urge their members to begin the New Year by praying. The goal of that revival in you is for God’s glory to be revealed to a watching world that needs to know Him. When large numbers or high percentages of people are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, spiritual awakening is the result. Communities change. Cities change. And yes, nations can change. Spiritual awakening is what we need in our nation, but revival of God’s people is a spiritual prerequisite.

The Awaken, 21-Day Prayer Guide is a guide to enrich your participation in fasting and prayer for a revival of God’s presence and work in your own life and church as the start to your year.

Each day in this prayer guide, there are Scriptures designed to fix your focus on God and what He has to say to us through His Word – thoughts that will challenge or encourage. May God increase your own hunger for His presence and power to such a degree that you will make every adjustment required to experience revival and awakening. I’m praying that God will increase your faith to believe Him for all He wants to do where you are. Don’t focus attention on how bad things may be around you. Get your eyes fixed on Jesus and what He can do. He is our Hope.

There are daily suggestions for prayer. Prayer is a relationship with the Creator of the universe. Jesus wants you to spend time getting to know Him and His purposes and His ways as you pray. He wants to speak to you about your life and your part in His plan for world redemption. You will notice that each day you are being asked to talk to the Lord about what you should do to apply what you are hearing from Him. Do not be a hearer only; become an obedient ‘doer’ of the word.

Fasting may be a new discipline for you. If so, do some research or ask someone about fasting. That may include denying yourself food, or it could include a fast from television or media for a season. Fasting heightens your hunger for God and your focus on Him, but it also provides you with additional time to pray. Fasting and prayer go together – as does giving. There are some helpful guides in the appendix of this prayer guide.

Download the Prayer Guide>

Strategic Prayer Training

Administrative Bishops, State Prayer Leaders and Teams, Key Pastors and Leaders who might help with some aspect of the prayer process are invited to attend AGREE 19, a revival and prayer convocation, in Cleveland, TN, Monday, January 7-Thursday, January 10, 2019.

We will meet jointly with the Unreached People Group Coalition.

I want to identify a prayer leader-trainer for every nation, whose goal would be to mobilize prayer in every congregation in that nation. In addition, I want to identify regional mobilizer-trainers for each of the 21 global regions. This is where you could play a critical role. I need peers to these 21 global regional trainers, mentors and peer-trainer mobilizers to these regions and nations, who would, perhaps like you, be willing to travel abroad, raising up praying-missional congregations with a focus on the lost around them, including UPGs.

Each evening we will gather at the Church of God General headquarters, in the Communication Center, for the live-broadcast of the global prayer service with Dr. Hill, members of the Executive Committee and church leaders. In 2018, the theme was prayer. In 2019, the theme will be ‘care’ without dismissing prayer. In 2020, the theme will be ‘share’ with prayer and care in the background. We are on a mission, to encourage our churches to be ‘houses of prayer,’ that demonstrate compassion to the lost and look for opportunities to share Christ.

We have relaunched The Praying Church Movement. This is our attempt to get each congregation to be intentional in their prayer effort, which begins with naming a prayer learning team. Currently, we have 600 churches across the nation that are being intentional about congregational prayer leadership.

If we assume prayer, like assuming the fire on the altar, it will die. If we don’t direct it, shape its theology, it will degenerate to self-interested prayer – prayer requests. We must recover prayer that is at its heart worship, and at its edge mission.

We want to come out of our January meeting firing on all cylinders and we especially want to raise the level of intercessory prayer engagement. We want to vision our future. We cannot afford, in these last days, to allow our prayer effort to become stale and rote. Let’s take Jesus seriously. He wants the church to be a ‘house of prayer for the nations.’ I think he is calling us to turn some tables over in the temple!

Registration fee received on-site:

  • $35 for School of Prayer Training only (Tuesday morning)
  • $35 for Strategic Prayer Training (Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning)
  • $50 for both events (all 3 days)

Online registration is currently closed. You can still attend the meeting via on-site registration. Thank you. Call us with any questions 855-842-5483.

Tentative Schedule

January 7-10, 2019


7:00 PM – Church of God International Offices, Communication Center

AGREE 19 Live Broadcast


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – North Cleveland Church of God

School of Prayer Associate Certification Training

  • Training to conduct schools of prayer across your region.

1:00 PM – 4:30 PM – North Cleveland Church of God

Strategic Prayer Training

  • Church Revitalization – A Praying Church
  • Church and Mission – Engaging the Unreached

7:00 PM – Church of God International Offices, Communication Center

AGREE 19 Live Broadcast


8:30 AM – 12:00 PM – North Cleveland Church of God

Strategic Prayer Training

  • Building Your State Prayer Leadership Team and Promoting Prayer
  • The Praying Church Movement

1:00 PM – 4:30 PM – North Cleveland Church of God

Global Strategy Meeting

  • Focus: Integrating Prayer Mobilization and the Unfinished Harvest
  • Goal: To gather prayer leaders and pastors to develop a strategy to mobilize, missional-worshipful, unceasing prayer, around the world.
  • NATIONALLY – A prayer leader for every nation; REGIONALLY – a prayer trainer for every region; HERE – a prayer trainer-partner for every region and for nations.
  • In 2020, to conduct a global prayer leader-trainer gathering with regional prayer leaders from around the world for extensive training; and to partner prayer trainer-supporters here (US) with prayer trainer-mobilizers around the world; including the adoption of Unreached People Groups for prayer and engagement.

7:00 PM – Church of God International Offices, Communication Center

AGREE 19 Live Broadcast


8:30 AM – 12:00 PM – North Cleveland Church of God

Strategic Prayer Training

  • Major Prayer Campaigns, Initiatives and Resources including: Pentecost Sunday Emphasis, 2019 – 2020; The “Go” Campaign; The Prayer Training Network


Holiday Inn Express
4355 Holiday Inn Express Way NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 790-1199

Fairfield Inn
2815 Westside Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 664-2501

Hampton Inn
4355 Frontage Rd NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 458-1222

110 Interstate Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 478-1212

130 Interstate Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312
(423) 813-7300

The Praying Church Movement

Join a Prayer Community!

Motivate and mobilize your congregation toward deeper levels of prayer.

THE MOVEMENT: A network of local prayer leaders who are on a journey to bring prayer to the heart of all they do.

THE PURPOSE: To encourage, challenge, inspire, and resource believers as they seek to motivate and mobilize their church toward deeper levels of prayer.

THE MISSION: To connect prayer leaders with something bigger than themselves, such as,  national initiatives, Prayer Trainers Program, Prayerborne – Intercessor’s Alliance.


A video was produced to promote this initiative at state/regional minister’s meetings:

Saturday Night Fire

Every Saturday Night at 9PM EST

Call in number: 641-715-35800

Access Code: 466086

General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill is committed to prayer as a pillar of the Church of God denomination. As part of the FINISH challenge the Church of God declares to:

  • Commit to 6 million hours of prayer for the FINISH Commitment globally.
  • Recruit 1,000,000 prayer partners, providing prayer globally 24/7.
  • Implement an intentional Finish Prayer/Fasting Initiative annually in each state/region/ area of the world.
  • Focus each local church as a relevant prayer force.
  • Establish prayer centers in each state/region/area of the world.

The Church of God Prayer Ministries Office will provide resources and avenues to fulfill these goals. One of which is the Saturday Night Fire Call. This weekly prayer call began two years ago after the 21 Day Virtual Prayer Meeting where hundreds connected nightly for the virtual prayer call. Saturday Night Fire focuses on prayer for the Great Awakening including unreached peoples, missionaries, church planters, cities, nations and more.

Listen to recordings of past calls>

Promote Saturday Night Fire:

Share with your church. Email your local pastors. Post to your social media.

Download this flyer>

Download this bulletin insert>

Use these downloadable images:






Church of God State Prayer Leaders Directory

This list represents only the states or regions that have appointed a Prayer Leader or Leadership team for their state/region and have notified the Prayer Ministries Office.

Please check the listings below and provide missing data by emailing

This list was last updated on January 2018.

Team Leader:
Paul Lett
265 Hunter Ridge Ln
Pell City, AL 35128

Team Leader:
James Decanter
3484 State Highway 42
Turrell, AR 72384-9077

Team Members:
Alvin Yancey

Danny Pankey

Lowell Sartin

Danny Rigney

Lee Parnell

Patrick Tucker

Team Leader:
Reverend Linda Querry
4848 W. Douglas Ave
Apt. #104
Visalia, CA 93291
702-348-4004 (home)
702-373-1215 (cell)

Canada (Ontario)
Team Leader:
Madge James-Wisdom
113A Linden Ave
Scarborough, Ontario M1K 3H9

Team Members:
Dulcia Thomas
1 Halton Ct
Brampton, ON L6Y 5T6
(C) 905-617-6622

Robert Francis
27 Talbotshire St
Ajax, ON L1S 0A6

Andrae Blake
45 Generation Blvd
Scarborough, ON M1B 2K5

Delton Fraser
23 Delray Dr
Markham, ON L6E 1Y6
(H) 905-201-0411

Lisia Malcom
35 Joseph Griffith Ln
North York, ON M3L 0C8

Cordell Thorpe
7820 McLaughlin Rd S, Apt 812
Brampton, ON L6Y 4W3
(C) 416-500-9298

Canada (Quebec)
Team Leader:
Paul Leslie

Canada (Western)
Team Leader:
Sylvonne Layne
15 Gull Wing Bay
Winnipeg, MB R3X 1E5
204-253-5131 (home)
204-471-2514 (cell)

Team Leader:
Fletcher and Cathy Wright
6724 Bock Road
Ft. Washington, MD 20744
(301) 567-9500 (office)
(301) 567-2344 (home)
(301) 257-3439 (cell)

Team Members:
Dwayne and Donna Dixon
29620 Dover Acres Road
Easton, MD 21601
(410) 822-3088 (office)
(410) 822-2034 (home)
(410) 924-7770 (cell)

Lovell and Verna Wilson
1802 Birch Bay Ct.
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 663-5444 x3003 (office)
(301) 695-7526 (home)
(301) 606-5060 (cell)

David and Ruth Davis
Rt. 1 Box 126
Elk Garden, WV 26717
(301) 334-3221 (office)
(304) 446-5470 (home)
(304) 257-3439 (cell)

Rick and Patricia Felton
(240) 393- 1682 (Rick cell)
(240) 393-1683 (Patricia cell)

Jude and Susie Nowak
Jude- (443) 463-6341 (Jude cell)
Susie-(443) 463-6341 (Susie cell)

Marie Bideshi
(301) 694-0472

Florida (North)
Team Leader:
Thomas Odom
Ocoee Church of God
1105 N Lakewood Ave
Ocoee, FL 34761
(407) 656-8011 Ext 1110

Florida (South)
Team Leader:
Ester Calderon
411 SW 182nd Way
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Georgia (North)
Team Leader:
Carroll Allen
140 Courtney Lane
Rossville, GA 30741

Team Members:
Jacob King
2001 Liberty Square Dr.
Cartersville, GA 30121
770-382-9489 (office)
770-769-4016 (home)
678-899-5244 (cell)

Jung Sun Bell
1255 Bramlett Blvd.
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Shane Bailey
1844 Old CCC Camp Rd
Chatsworth, GA 30705

TJ McBride
635 Jefferson Cir
Atlanta, GA 30328

Joseph Raymond
1906 Chadberry Walk
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Howard Strickland
612 Shenandoah Dr NE
Calhoun, GA 30701

Adam Wright
46 Buchanan Ln
Clayton, GA 30525

Jerry Lynn Young
340 Ivanhoe Dr
Fayetteville, GA 30215

Georgia (South)
Team Leader:
Larry Daughtry
6670 New Jesup Hwy
Brunswick, GA 31523-4100

Team Member:
Gary Walker
183 Hwy 96 E
Jeffersonville, Ga 31044
478-335 8473

Great Lakes Region (Wisconsin/Chicago)
Team Leader:
Arthur Guice
160 Constance Lane
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 308-6187

Team Leader:
Lek White
45-578 Lokea Pl
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Heartlands (Oklahoma-Kansas)
Team Leader: TBD

Team Members:
Lavon Abitbol
2850 Park Street
Claremore, OK 74107
918- 341-4246 (cell)
918 – 409-7604 (home)

Robert and Paula Peterson
Church: New Hope Church of God
509 Regent Street
Ardmore, OK
(580) 223-9404

Sharon Simmons
4700 Alameda Street
Norman, OK 73026

Ken Angel
622 N. Townsend Street
Ada, OK 74280

Helen and Gary Barnhart
104 W. Thompson Drive
Kingfisher, OK 73750

Cheryl Lawson
PO Box 1835
Muskogee, OK 74402

Gerry and Barb Dupuis
2106 W Rose Lane
Ulysses, KS 67880
(620) 356-3888 (office)
(620) 575-5562 (cell)

Tammy Metz
19215 E Shannon Dr
Claremore, OK 74019

Hispanic East Central Region
Team Leader:
Orlando Valenzuela
2020 Bates Pike SE, Apt 404
Cleveland, TN 37311
(405) 694-3170

Hispanic North Central Region
Team Leader:
Flavio Nunez
160 Ringneck Lane
Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108
(630) 745-0241

Hispanic North Western Region
Team Leader:
Alvin and Lizbeth Perez
21440 SE 299th Way
Kent, WA 98042
(787) 602-3662
(787) 602-6058

Hispanic South Central Region
Team Leader:
Frank Espinoza
1540 Jami Rd
Pleasanton, TX 78064
(830) 399-0317

Hispanic South Western Region
Team Leader:
Imelda Tucker
31756 Loma Linda Rd
Temecula, CA 92592
(323) 807-9112

Team Leader: TBD

Team Members:
David Mays
110 Grayson Rd.
Eldorado, IL 62930
(618) 273-5035 (home)
(618) 978-2011 (cell)

Rod Joplin
407 Stonebrook
Benton, IL 62812
(618) 439-3833 (office)
(618) 438-0841 (home)
(618) 218-1796 (cell)

Eric Wyzard
114 West Alden Place
Dekalb, IL 60115
(815) 758-6557 (office)
(815) 501-1455 (cell)

Tod W. Parchman
149 State Hwy. 37
West Franfort, IL 62896
(618) 937-4766

Brian Mixon
1258 Garretts Prairie Road
West Frankfort, Il 62896
(618) 627-2526 (office)
618-937-6330 (home)
(618) 922-6278 (cell)

A. Ted and Judith Ann Anderson III
1716 Harlan Rd.
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864
(618) 244-1337 (office)
(618) 214-3879 (cell)

Team Leaders:
Sam and Judy Abbott
(219) 942-8777 (office)
(219) 688-3449 (cell)

Team Members:
Steve and Pam Gwaltney
5860 East Valley View Drive
Lexington IN 47138
(812) 794-3182 (office)
(812) 820-1792 (cell)

Mark and Enola Joplin
2535 South Miller Street
Shelbyville IN 46176
(317) 398-4787 (office)
(317) 364-1010 (cell)

Terry Owens
2401 Curdes Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
260 484-6910
(260) 413-7314

Team Leaders:
David and Carletta Douglas
Cathedral Church of God
3313 Lexington Road
Winchester, KY 40391
859-745-2442 (home)
859-771-8602 (cell)

Team Members:
Sylvester and Frances Dunn

Todd and Rhonda Claypoole

Ruford and Connie Abner

Merrill and Paula Collins

Stephen and Miriam Lyons

Chris and Amanda Combs

Steve and Heather Kirkland

Jonathan and Sherrie Boling

Kenneth and Brenda Yates

Carl and Donna Smalls

William and Brenda Geary

Roman and Amy Krywyn

Team Leader:
Jackie and Laurie Pounders
22191 Sharp’s Chapel Road
Bush, LA 70431
(985) 892-2997 (home)
(985) 630-6290 (cell)

Team Members:
Nolan and Stephanie Francis
191 Woodbury Dr
Houma, LA 70364-2381

Beverly Sistrunk
1109 Larkina St
Bastrop, LA 71220

Team Leader:
Debra Schilling
5303 Orchard Dr
East China, MI 48054

Team Members:
Faith Walden
9600 Sil St
Taylor, MI

Bill & Sandra McKay

Melody Nichols

Wayne Terry

Midlands: Iowa/Nebraska
Team Leader:
Diana Angran
Solid Rock Church of God
1300 Rock Valley Rd
Centerville, IA 52544
(641) 856-8308
641-436-1243 (cell)

Ministry to the Military
USA Team Leader:
Jennie Humann

Team Leader:
Pettis Brewer
2083 Old Richton Rd
Petal, MS 39465
(601) 545-9909

Team Members:
Brett Cooper
10680 CR 101
Union, MS 39365
601-650-8182 (cell)

Larry Hays
700 Church Rd East
Southaven, MS 38671
601-807-4097 (cell)

Randy Rigney
431 Old Hwy 13 S
Morton, MS 39117
601-927-5865 (cell)

Ronnie Walters
1501 Old Fannin Rd
Flowood, MS 39232
601-613-7166 (cell)

Team Leader: TBD

Team Member:
Leta Padgett
314-729-0704 ext.17

New England (Northern)
Team Leader:
Frank Siciliano
Park Avenue Church of God
29 Park Ave
Portland, ME 04101

New England (Southern)
Team Leader:
N. Bibiche Zagabe-Ndiku
39 Bryn Mawr Ave
Auburn, MA 01501
508-459-8688 (home)
508-847-4554 (cell)

New Jersey
Team Leader:
Joann Garzarella

Team Leader:
Philip Bonaparte

New Mexico/El Paso, Texas
Team Leader:
Carl Dawson
421 West Ave I
Lovington, NM 88260
575-396-0095 (home)

Team Member:
Hosea and Mabel Melendez
3700 Hveco Valley Dr, #3906
El Paso, TX 79938
915-849-0557 (cell)

New York
Team Leader:
Paul & Ingrid Peart

Team Members:
Tyrone Tyson

Christopher and Debbie Capaldo
Area: Long Island Rep.
8 Applewood Road
Saint James, NY 11780
Home: (631) 584-4240 (home)

Errol & Glenda Rougier
Area: Queens Representatives

Bruggard & Reyette Brutus
Area: Brooklyn Representatives

Clifford & Carona Thompson
Area: Westchester Representatives

Lennie & Marva Pennicott
Area: Bronx Representatives
(347) 684-4280

Althea & Tommy Baines
Area: Upstate Representatives
(716) 903-8300

North Carolina (Eastern)
Team Leader:
Tim Cowan
101 West C St
Erwin, NC 28339
Home: 910.897.8228

Team Members:
Richard Dial
204 Misty Groves Cir
Morrisville, NC 27560
919.632.6370 (cell)

Joe Ferguson
PO Box 38
Bunn, NC 27508

North Carolina (Western)
Team Leader:
Andre Hester
Monroe Deliverance Center
1000 Little Rock Court
Monroe, NC 28110
(704) 635-8235 (home)
(704) 517-4481 (cell)

Team Members:
Aaron Powers
Gate City Church of God
110 E. Newlyn St.
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 542-0506 (home)
(336) 953-8914 (cell)

Stewart Lankford
Bethlehem Church of God
PO Box 6324
Bethlehem Station
Hickory, NC 28603
(828) 495-7759 (home)
(828) 244-8200 (cell)

Calvin Grier
West Charlotte Church of God
3406 Pine Meadow Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269
(704) 598-5250 (home)
(704) 905-4005 (cell)

Shane Silvers
Whittier Church of God
PO Box 129
Whittier, NC 28789
(828) 497-6262 (office)
(828) 497-9238 (home)
(336) 269-4440 (cell)

North Central Region: Dakotas and Montana
Team Leader:
DeVawn Beckman
7601 54th Ave. NW
Minot, ND 58703

Team Members:
Ronnie Vetch
9000 5th Street
Bowdle, SD 57428
605 285 6414

Reese Hamar
PO Box 1164
Dillon, MT 59725
406 925 2801

Team Leader:
Rich and Angel Boll
6770 Georgetown Ln
Madison, OH 44057

Team Members:
Queen Williams
PO Box 6606
Canton, OH 44706

Jane Smith
12709 Misty Ave
Union Town, OH 44685

Gerald Murphy
336 Mogul Dr
Galloway, OH 43119

Derek Wooten
4236 N Gensen Loop
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Pacific Northwest
Team Leader:
Barbara Mathews
8713 Tieton Dr.
Yakima, WA 98908
509-965-0075 (office)
509-941-3254 (cell)

Team Members:
Keith and Hae Suk Arensmeyer
307 E. F St.
Shelton, WA 98584
360-462-0053 (home)
360-951-2341 (cell)

Aminiasi and Sala Vakalala
3418 Serene Way
Lynnwood, WA
206-396-9075 (cell)
425-742-2624 (home)

David and Faith White
2323 53rd St. SE
Auburn, WA 98092
425-773-3029 (David cell)
425-773-5944 (Faith cell)

Team Leader:
David W Martin
7378 Dar Lane
North East, PA 16428
814-725-4994 (home)
814-384-2310 (cell)

Co-Team Leader:
Delphine Allen
163 Hawthorne Ct
Wyomissing, PA 19610
330-289-5886 (home)
330-283-5886 (cell)

Robert Brookins
816 Acacia Ave
Reading, PA 19605
610-921-2216 (home)
330-283-5886 (cell)

Carmen and Rose Butler
1505 Leishman Ave
Arnold, PA 15068
724-335-0994 (home)
724-681-8894 (cell)

Baby Daniel
727 Stratford Dr
Philadelphia, PA 19115

Dorothy Hilliard
208 Market St
Warren, PA 16365
814-313-1707 (home)
716-581-0537 (cell)

Felix Poyser
1315 Moore Ave
Yeadon, PA 19050
610-394-6472 (home)
215-869-7781 (cell)

Gerald Prentice
631 Weiser St
Reading, PA 19601
610-378-0416 (home)
610-763-0601 (cell)

Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado-Utah-Wyoming)
Team Leader:
David Naranjo
3415 W 34th Street Rd.
Greeley, CO 80634
970-405-0606 (cell)
970-330-6082 (office)
970-356-4509 (home)

South Carolina
Team Leader:
Peggy Scarborough
1561 Dick Pond Road
Myrtle Beach SC 29575

Team Leader:
Roland Sharp
285 Grove Ave NW
Cleveland, TN 37311

Team Leader:
Steven Molton
The Bridge Church of God
PO Box 7351
Fort Worth, TX 76111
817-834-4506 (office)
817-262-8971 (cell)

Team Member:
A.D. Fretwell
365 W College St
Lewisville, TX 75067

Team Leader:
Sam Belisle
Celebration Church
4429 Buck Mountain Rd
Roanoke, VA 24018

West Virginia
Team Leader:
Darrell Buttram, Jr.
123 Larkspur Drive
Huntington, WV 25701
304-617-2301 (home)
304-522-7160 (office)
304-523-6203 (cell)

Team Members:
Stacey Dingess
New Beginnings Worship Center
307 Broad St
Summerville, WV 26651

Rudell Bloomfield
Mountain View Church of God
PO Box 1246
Oak Hill, WV 25901-1246

Harold Newsome
Crosspoint Church of God
3066 S Chicos Rd
Kearneysville, WV 25430

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Listed below are great resources to assist you in planning prayer events and activities throughout the year. In addition, there are many ongoing prayer initiatives by various organizations that you or your church can support. Click to learn more>


Transform USA – First Thursday, 11am-1pm EST, 641-715-3655, Access Code 530603

National Day of Prayer Task Force – First Thursday, 8pm-9:30pm EST, 712-432-0075, Access Code 4961322

Fellowship of Prayer Strategists – Second Thursday, 7am-8am CST,

America’s National Prayer Committee – First Friday, 10:30am EST, 712-432-0232, Access Code 672

Liberty Prayer Network – East Coast 4th Watch – Sundays, 3am-6am EST, 641-715-3570, Access Code 448141

Prayer Surge NOW – Saturdays, 7:30am-11am EST, 712-432-0075, Access Code 6149782,

Saturday Night Fire – Saturdays, 9pm EST, 641-715-3580, Access Code 466086


Great Day of Prayer – Promoted by the Church of God – First Sunday of each Quarter

Fasting for His Favor! – Promoted by the Church of God – January 10-31


Collegiate Day of Prayer – Multi-denominational movment promoted by the National Prayer Committee – Usually the fourth Thursday, check website to confirm.

  • Find resources at
  • Adopt a College Campus for Prayer; find others praying for revival on America College campuses.

Seek God for the City – Promoted by Waymakers, a Multi-denominational Effort – Begins 40 days before Palm Sunday


Seek God for the City continues to Palm Sunday

  • PossibleRegional Prayer Rallies

40 Days for Life – A Multi-denominational initiative. Check the website for dates:


Great Day of Prayer – Promoted by the Church of God – First Sunday of each Quarter

Seek God for the City concludes on Palm Sunday


National Day of Prayer – Multi-denominational initiative promoted by the National Day of Prayer Task Force – First Thursday

  • The only ‘day of prayer’ mandated by Congress!
  • Led by the National Prayer Committee and the National Day of Prayer Task Force
  • Resource materials at

Pentecost Sunday – Multi-denominational – Pentecost Sunday

Global Day of Prayer – Pentecost Sunday

  • This international prayer effort reaches to more than 150 nations.
  • Resources at include video feeds, printed materials and more.
  • 10 days of Prayer leading up to Pentecost Sunday (Resources in Seek God for the City)
  • 90 days of Blessing following Pentecost Sunday
  • Resources for this event in the United States

Day of Prayer for Syria – Leaders organized this day of prayer in 2013. Check the website to find updated information for future events.


World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk – First weekend in June – Check their website for more details.


Great Day of Prayer – Promoted by the Church of God – First Sunday of each Quarter

Call 2 Fall Sunday – Promoted by the Family Research Council – (Sunday at the end of June/beginning of July) Check website for exact date.

  • Go to for prayer resources and to register your church in the event.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World – Ramadan moves each year, since Islam is based on a 360 calendar – Check website for detail –


Operation: 9-1-1 – Promoted by theChurch of God during the September Saturation Prayer

  • Pray at 9 AM and PM – for 1 minute, with 1 motive: A Spiritual Awakening in America.
  • Florida and Kentucky have a variation of this – check with prayer leaders in those states for resource materials

Patriot Day – A Cry Out America Initiative – September 11 each year

See You at the Pole – A Multi-denominational event – Fourth Wednesday

  • This is a nation-wide Youth Prayer event, kids at US schools meeting around the flagpole for prayer near the start of every school year.
  • Resources at

Saudi Global Day of Prayer Check their website for the exact date


Great Day of Prayer – Promoted by the Church of God – First Sunday of each Quarter

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem – First Sunday

10 Days Uniting the Church with Jesus at the Center – 10 days between the biblical Feasts of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement

  • Resources and confirm dates each year at

Fall Prayer Campaign – Promoted by the Church of God

  • Build your own 30 days of prayer. Past themes include “Days of Consecration” and “Days of Action!” Saturdays have been outlined as options for a prayer breakfast, and then community prayer endeavors. Wednesdays we have focused on prayer training and prayer experiences. Sundays focus on preaching/teaching on prayer.
  • Archived materials for previous 30-day Prayer Campaigns

Global Prayer for Unreached People Groups – Last Sunday

  • For the last 2,000 years the Church has striven to complete the Great Commission. But it still remains unfinished to this day. With explosive population growth, the church has to pick up the pace.
  • The Billion Soul Global Prayer Task Force, commissioned by world leaders from the annual Global Church Linking Forum, is leading a global effort to challenge the Global Church to collectively pray at least one billion prayer minutes for the unreached peoples of the world. The overarching purpose is to bring awareness, aim and action toward praying for the salvation of the lost and for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Learn more at>

Following are videos courtesy of Beverly Pegues, Window International Network -click the links to watch


International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – Second Sunday

Getting Started

Getting Started with a Prayer Ministry

  1. DO IT– Pray. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Pray before you plan. Pray before you do anything else. Above all, let prayer lead the way in developing a prayer ministry. Tarry in prayer. The flesh will want to plan it into being. The Spirit will want to prayer it into being. Pray for prayer – a spirit of intercession. Pray for pray-ers – an army of prayer warriors. Pray for wisdom and direction in prayer. Pray for God to identify prayer leaders. Pray for a passion for the lost. Pray for God’s unique design for the prayer ministry of your church.
  2. ENVISION IT– Pray aloud, “By faith, I see …” Have the participants fill in the blanks. Let prayer, bathed in faith, quicken your hearts with the possibilities for prayer ministry. Don’ hurry. Wait in prayer.
  3. RECORD IT– Have someone record the ideas. “By faith, I see … us prayer walking the city … (another) … with healing teams … praying regularly for the mayor.” Some things envisioned in prayer may be immediately forthcoming. Some may only unfold after years of faithful persistence. A record might encourage late-comers that God had a huge mission in mind from the beginning.
  4. TALK IT UP – Keep sharing ideas for prayer. Enlarge the circle. As more people are exposed to the things stirring in the hearts of a few, the Lord will call others into the process. And the vision will become clear.
  5. PRIORITIZE IT– Begin to separate the ideas about which you have prayed and talked into categories – Do immediately, Do as soon as possible, Do later, Wait on the Lord. Develop an action plan. Keep committing it to prayer. Keep it fluid.
  6. STEWARD IT – By now, a core group has emerged who want to see a formal prayer ministry become a reality. Some will have a passion for prayer, but not be gifted as an organizer. Ideally, you want an intercessor who is also gift leader with evidenced maturity to serve as your team leader. Team is a key word. This is not a one-person job. A prayer ministry demands a team. Designate the team members. Keep the roles loosely defined in the discovery and exploratory phases.
  7. WORK IT – Transform the vision, with its priority categories, into action steps. Don’t stop praying. Pray and plan. Work and pray! Keep enlarging the circle of people meeting to move the prayer process forward.
  8. GROW IT– With the core vision given the group in prayer, now expose yourself to all kinds of ideas. Don’t copy other prayer ministries, but do learn from them. Assign each of your team members a different book to read on prayer ministries – not just prayer. Come together. Have them share insights.
  9. EVALUATE IT– In light of what you are learning, how balanced is your plan. How likely is it that you can accomplish all your goals in the time-line you might have set? Have other prayer ministry leaders from other churches assess your plan. Get pastoral approval. Make sure your team is on board.
  10. EXECUTE IT– Even as you put your plan in action, keep it flexible. You learn by doing. As you conduct prayer events, you will see gaps in prayer theology and practice. Teach and train into those gaps. Then test the learning by another doing event. Build slowly – teach and execute; train and deploy. Set reasonable goals. Make them measurable. Expect resistance. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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